Azurebreak Heroes

My thanks to Developer Piotr Powroziewicz and Publishers Silesia Games for the opportunity to review – Visit Nintendo for more information!

First Impressions

At first, came a brief overview of Azurebreak’s story. Then I found myself swinging a sword, battling strange goblins and chasing the eponymous Azure crystals through procedurally generated fields of battle.
I loved the 8-bit graphics, and the clarity of everything on screen!


The gameplay loop here is pretty simple: Fight, collect materials, die in glorious battle, and upgrade your abilities before returning to the fray! You’ll be hammering the ‘A’ button for basic sword attacks, and using the ‘L’ button to dash away from foes, as well as casting your abilities with the ‘ZL’ and ‘ZR’ buttons for additional effects.

Attacks can be blocked with ‘B’, but I found this to have little effect on things compared to evading.

Throughout the adventure you’ll find ‘Books of Summoning’ which enhance you for the remainder of your current run. It’s tempting here to focus on offensive artifacts, but without defensive or healing, you’ll quickly find yourself taking more damage than you can give out.

The game’s central hub lets you use your resources to buy permanent upgrades and unlock alternative heroes for your quest!

The difficulty curve is pretty steady but you will die often. This is intended, so buy some new toys and get back to cleaving those goblins!


The story in this title is more of a framework than an overarching plot.

  • Heroes warring with Demons
  • Sinh, a God (looking suspiciously like Falcor), has been corrupted
  • It’s your mission to bring things to a close.

It’s simple fare, but enough to lure the player in.

Throughout Azurebreak Heroes you’ll be playing as one of 6 characters, each with their own distinct play style. There are 3 possible endings, endless artifact synergies and secrets abound!

Levels are procedurally generated, so replayability is limitless!

This is a great title for both casual players, and those who want to grind for every possible secret. The Gameplay loop allows for both long and short play sessions as you see fit. The charming graphics are easy on the eyes, though lack any outstanding flourish. The screen-shake option was particularly hard-wearing, though easily disabled. I had great fun with this game, though there is some room for improvement. It's a solid title, and well worth the cost.
  • Charming 8-Bit Graphics
  • Simple Gameplay Loop
  • No in-depth Lore - Great for Casual Play
  • Small download size
  • Limitless Replayability
  • Blocking lacks material effect
  • Screen Shake option is hard on the eyes
  • Overly simplistic
Gameplay - 8
Controls - 8
Graphics - 8
Replayability - 9
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