Binary Star Infinity Review

Binary Star Infinity is a new Shoot em’ up by developer Forever Entertainment SA.   It has a graphical style very much in the vien of game like Downwell.   It masters that black, white, and red color scheme.   Just like Downwell it is very difficult, but also very fun to play.     

The setup


Obviously being a shoot em up doesn’t require an elaborate story, but Binary Star Infinity give you a good place as any to start.  An mysterious mothership has blown up a moon in your star system, and you, a skill binary star pilot must investigate the threat.    


Getting Started

The graphics of Binary Star Infinity are very simple, but it works really well for the game.   There are the staples of any shoot em up.   Those being the power ups, extra lives, and screens full of enemies to take down.   


Make sure to grab every power up

The gameplay of Binary Star Infinity is pretty straight-forward. The game is very good, but very difficult. Just like classic games I grew up it rewards you for learning patterns and the layout of the level. When you die you start again from where you died, but you do lose any and all power ups. If you are quick you can pick them all up again. Like other shoot ’em ups power ups include things to increase your firepower, your speed, your lives, and even add little satellites to help you on your mission.     

Binary Star Infinity provides from very interesting power ups


The sounds in the game are simple but pleasant space chip tune sounds.    They seem to be in the background enough where I wasn’t getting tired of hearing them upon my fifth time through the level.   

Keep pushing through


Binary Star Infinity is available from the Nintendo eShop for 4.99, and for a brief time it is 50% off. (until May 27th). This game is one that you should pick up even at its full price of 4.99 if you like shoot em ups. At this price you can have a great challenge, and many hours of fun. It is fantastic if you are looking for a game you can just pick up and play for short session. The game also has a couch co-op mode. So this is a perfect game to play if you are just recently able to have in-person interactions.

I want to thank the developer Forever Entertainment for the review code, and you can purchase this game on the Nintendo eShop.

Binary Star Infinity is a fun shooter in the graphical style of Down Well. Once you start playing this game, you will die many times, but you will keep coming back for more tries. At five dollars this game should be an impulse buy for anyone.
  • Great pick up and play gameplay
  • While basic, the graphics and sound work very well for the game
  • while fun, there isn't much to distinguish this game from other shooters
Graphics - 8.5
Sound - 8
Gameplay - 9
Story - 7.5
Value - 9.5
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