Blackmoor 2

Blackmoor 2 is good example of how appearances can be deceiving. It looks like a simple fantasy arcade platformer, it plays like a simple game. the physics are basically 2D flash game physics. combat looks simple. game looks simple. But this game hides a LOT of depth behind it.

I never played the first that much, so i cant really make a comparison

Most bosses are huge monsters that’s really fun to fight against

You have a couple game modes

Story mode, where you just go trough the campaigns. Support Couch Co-op up to 4 players.

Dungeon mode, where you can go online and choose from a selection of custom made-dungeons. made by players. You can build your own dungeon and upload it for everyone to play like Mario maker. and just like Mario Maker. it ranges from fun, extremely hard, to just stupid.Online multiplayer, as the game suggests. its an online co-op mode

PVP (online and offline mode)

Build your own dungeon, upload them. or just play trough it yourself

You can choose from 11 characters. each has two different weapon attacks. some has to be unlocked trough gold that you earn. we’ll get back to gold later on. Each character has an alternate costume that changes them to a different character (even though they play the same). And you have to level each individual characters to get better stats and unlock skills. Each enemies you kill drops gold.

Now. everything in this game uses gold. you can either find better gear trough boss drops if you’re lucky. or buy them in the vendor. need to level up abilities? that costs gold. costume unlock cost gold. bonus characters must be unlocked with gold. pet? gold. which is understandable because this was a mobile game. thankfully there is no microtransaction as far as i seen.

This game is more fun when you play co-op

The game is pretty linear, just go from point A to B while defeating enemies on the way. thankfully there are many variety of enemies each with their own attacks that you have to learn to either dodge or fight against. And all the huge bosses at the end.

The progression system for each characters, the unlocks, the stat builds, the gear collection, and practically endless amount of custom dungeons gives this game a potential for infinite replayability.

Easily earns a 8/10 in my book. even with the simple graphics.

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