Bright Memory: Infinite

A fast-paced FPS with something of a DMC mechanic with swordplay, parries (you can parry bullets), fast dodge, slow-mo, and even some kind of force powers. That’s the way i would describe this game. The gameplay is surprisingly solid and very skill-based. Throughout my playthrough i feel like an overpowered hero blasting through enemies easily. Or a noob getting confused on where the enemies are shooting from. I had to go through it again in harder diffliculty cause somehow it felt way too easy. at least until i found out the enemy AI doesn’t get any smarter, you just took way more damage to the point where the enemies can practically one-shot you in highest diff.

One thing i must say, the visuals had massive downgrade from the other versions, but surprisingly still looks very impressive. That is… until you look at the main character’s face and wonder why she looks so stiff and weird compared to the rest of the environment. But the game is definitely one of the most graphically impressive Switch games out there. And even more surprising that it somehow maintain a consistent framerate, i rarely ever experience any slowdown and the whole experience is smooth

The gameplay is easy to get into, the controls are nice and responsive, the gunplay is quite good, enemies stands out well. if i had any gripes is that it seems to be a delay whenever you loot ammo, seems like i have to press the button 2-3 times before you can finally get that item

As i said above, combat is impressive. You have array of guns (you start with an assault rifle) with an alternate shot, some kind of a tech katana that you can use to parry, deflect bullets, or just slice enemies. You can do simple melee strikes or even an air combo, you have some sort of force pull to pull any enemies towards you and blast them away or just slice them as they float helplessly in front of you. The game teaches you how to do these skills effectively as the game progress.

Now… the parts i don’t like

The load time is atrocious, i mean the loading time is awful. The enemy AI is questionable. They are either shooting at you while standing perfectly still, trying to rush towards you just to give you a free katana kills, the boss sometimes kept trying to kill the ground instead of me

And the story is… forgettable. You seems to be some kind of agent for some kind of organization, they sent you somewhere and apparently there’s a general of sort, there’s a black hole for some reason, what are they after? what am i doing here? why am i suddenly transferred to a fantasy world with swordsmen trying to kill me? what is going on? aaaand it’s over.

Oh yes, the game is short. I pretty much finished it in 3-4 ish hours.

Would i recommend this game? weirdly yes. The gameplay, shooting, slicing and dicing overall are fun chaotic experience. As long as you don’t mind the practically nonexistent story and short playtrough

  • Too short
Gameplay - 9
Graphics - 8
Audio - 5
Longevity - 3
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Been playing games since Atari. And don’t have any plan to stop anytime soon. Been in the HGC since the early days and proud.

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