WaterField Designs Folio Laptop Sleeve Review

Gaming on a laptop is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in thrilling virtual worlds while enjoying the benefits of portability and versatility. Whether you’re cozied up in your favorite coffee...

9.8 Amazing

Trails Into Reverie Review: Endings and Beginnings

Title (EN): The Legend of Heroes: Trails into ReverieTitle (JP): Eiyuu Densetsu: Hajimari no Kiseki (英雄伝説 創の軌跡)Genre: RPGPlatform: PS4, Switch, PCDeveloper: Nihon FalcomPublis...

9.4 Amazing

Waterfield Cityslicker Case for the Nintendo Switch OLED

I believe handheld gaming offers a level of flexibility, ownership and familiarity that console gaming cannot provide. I can take my Nintendo Switch to work, to the laundromat, or to the local botanic...

9.8 Amazing

Farm Tycoon

The rise of farming games over the last ten years can’t be ignored. Popularity skyrocketed and the franchise split between two clear categories of games. The fun element of a deep storyline, social in...

7.8 Good

Trails of Cold Steel IV

INTRO / STORY without spoilers Every story has an ending, and this can be bittersweet for those who enjoy the journey.  While there may be off-shoots and references to Trails of Cold Steel (ToCS)...

9.4 Amazing

Cultist Simulator: Initiate Edition

We’ve been there before, haven’t we? Either coupled up in the front room feeling bored or outside in a nice idyllic spot in the country. Feeling the sunshine on your face and that sublime ...

7.9 Good
Dark Grim Mariupolis

Dark Grim Mariupolis

Getting Started Dark Grim Mariupolis is a bizarre point and click adventure by publisher Ternox, and developer Team Mariupolis.   My first impressions of this game reminded me of some point and c...

8 Great

Knights of the Old Republic 2 :The Sith Lords

A long long time ago..in a galaxy far far away… (well here and in 2004 actually..). Obsidian Entertainment and LucasArts released their much anticipated sequel to Knights of the Old Republic on the Xb...

8 Great


“I was sitting in the chair in my nans front room. It was a Saturday night stopover on a night,buried somewhere in my memory from the 1970’s. A broadcast from when live boxing fights were broadcast on...

9.2 Amazing
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