ZUGU iPad Pro 12.9 Case

We all know that handheld gaming is not limited to dedicated consoles. While I love playing on my Nintendo Switch or PlayStation Vita, I do not always have them with me when I have time to kill. For t...

9.8 Amazing

Square Valley ( iOS )

Ahhh… the peace and serenity of a walk in the countryside. The sights and the sounds soften and soothe the stresses of the mind and body. Those gently whirling windmills surrounded by fields of wheat ...

9.3 Amazing

Knights of the Old Republic 2 :The Sith Lords

A long long time a galaxy far far away… (well here and in 2004 actually..). Obsidian Entertainment and LucasArts released their much anticipated sequel to Knights of the Old Republic on the Xb...

8 Great


“I was sitting in the chair in my nans front room. It was a Saturday night stopover on a night,buried somewhere in my memory from the 1970’s. A broadcast from when live boxing fights were broadcast on...

9.2 Amazing

Galaxy Trucker

Galaxy Trucker on mobile iOS/Android devices,was originally a board game that now has been given its own digital version. Containing Single player and Multiplayer modes,the aim of the game is simple.....

7.8 Good


Backfire is an arcade action shooter with randomly generated arenas and spawning enemies, available on mobile for Android and iOS. What at first seems like a basic shooter is in fact packed to the bri...

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