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Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force

It’s always nice to build up a collection of quality games, and when a company continues to produce games from favourite genres you particularly get attached to, it’s always a bonus with e...

8.3 Great


AFTERPLACE NOTE: This review is short. The brevity of this review does not reflect the quality of this game. This game is all about immersing yourself in the mystery and discovering things for yoursel...

9.8 Amazing

Death End; ReQuest 2

If you ever have a day when luck just doesn’t go your way. You’ve missed the bus to work twice, the car doesn’t start or it starts to pour with rain whilst going for your bike ride. ...

8.9 Great

Death End; ReQuest

Shina Ninomiya and Arata Mizunashi were working on a big project. Programmers for a revolutionary new MMO video game named “World Odyssey”. The future was exciting and bright for both of t...

8.4 Great

Mary Skelter Finale

“With tired and weary legs we had at last escaped the prison. Every cold night has its sunrise. We had touched on the cusp of hope and the promise of sanctuary but not without sacrifice. Not wit...

8.6 Great

Square Valley ( iOS )

Ahhh… the peace and serenity of a walk in the countryside. The sights and the sounds soften and soothe the stresses of the mind and body. Those gently whirling windmills surrounded by fields of wheat ...

9.3 Amazing

Anodyne 2: Return to Dust

What can you do when your sweet and idyllic island is suddenly overtaken by a deep and people consuming viral dust?  Dust that lies heavy, overshadowing and empowering above the ground. As it slo...

7.3 Good

Rogue Heroes:Ruins of Tasos

The land of Tasos is a place that’s currently in a bit of a predicament. The four evil Titans, imprisoned in the four temples scattered around the land to stop them causing mayhem and more monst...

6.6 Fair


Gemini is a simple but effective retro twin-stick shooter with tower defence elements thrown in for good measure.  Contained in the game is a decent amount of content with 5 different worlds, 25 ...

6.5 Fair
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