Chaos Galaxy Review

Chaos Galaxy stands strong as an impressive indie title, the brainchild of developer Han Zhiyu. It harbors an immaculate touch of tactical gameplay, a testimony to the arduous work invested into the seamless integration of the game's various features.
  • Tactical gameplay is simple, yet brilliant
  • Beautiful visuals
  • Perfect for short gameplay sessions
  • Some grammatical errors
  • Some balance issues
Gameplay - 8
Visuals - 8
Sound/Audio - 7
Accessibility - 8
Value - 9

Introducing Chaos Galaxy, a wonderfully engaging turn-based pixel-art tactics game created by the gifted solo developer, Han Zhiyu. This game beckons players to step into the captivating realm of a galaxy steeped in intrigue and upheaval, donning the role of a commanding faction leader. So, if you’ve chased thrills in games such as Advance Wars or XCOM, you’ll likely find a familiar joy in Chaos Galaxy.


Don’t be daunted, the storyline of Chaos Galaxy may seem deceptively simple at first, but it’s steeped in fascinating details and intriguing dialogues. Worried about feeling overwhelmed? No stress! Short, fun bursts of gameplay on your Switch will keep any fatigue at bay, that might crop up during marathon sessions.

Curl up, because here’s the quickfire version of our “stellar saga”: The galaxy was cruising along happily, until an unexpected alien force decided to play spoil-sport. In came the Galactic Empire who bravely halted the invasion, but ironically, peace proved elusive. What followed was an unfortunate unraveling and now, a civil war simmers on the horizon among various emerging factions.

And here’s where you, dear player, come into the picture. With 14 unique factions to choose from, you’re quickly immersed in the heart of the action. There will be engaging text conversations for you to dive into, setting the stage for high-stakes, tactical battles where every decision counts. Gear up for a journey that will test your strategic sense and quick thinking to the hilt!

Chaos Galaxy shares likenesses with popular 4X strategy games, but shines with its own unique charm. As a player, you’ll be at the helm of managing resources, capturing planets, and leading a galaxy fleet. Each ship in your armada has special quirks – strengths and weaknesses that add profound layers of strategy to the gameplay. Yes, there’s a delightful array of gameplay mechanics to master, but that’s precisely where the exhilaration lies.

The game guides you in on a user-friendly and intuitive path. In no time, you’ll be capable of orchestrating wars, or opting for diplomacy with rivaling factions. Things start getting really exciting when you’re projected into the game’s thrilling battle grid. Here, you can maneuver your fleet, engage with adversaries within range or leverage your faction’s unique combat skills – creating your own cosmic saga.

Chaos Galaxy may abide by the familiar territory of tactical battle gameplays, but it charts its own course in the cosmos with its enticing and compact universe. This game stays true to the tried-and-tested path but offers a captivating venture that keeps you engaged for hours. The beauty of it all? Whether you enjoy this game in short but fulfilling stints or long sessions, the allure of strategic turns and triumphant victories keeps calling you back for more. Welcome aboard this epic interstellar journey!


The pixel graphics and animations, while exhibiting a retro influence, are nothing short of stunning. Particularly impressive are the mecha units and ships – intricately designed artifacts that embody the fervor of space battles. Did we mention about the unique aesthetics that are characteristic of each faction? The power units and their captivating attacks are truly a spectacle in the making.

Complementing the robust gameplay is a well-balanced soundtrack that smoothly blends with the game’s overarching strategy/tactics ambiance. However, if the music isn’t to your taste, worry not! Muting it won’t detract you from the engrossing strategies and tactics at play in this game.

While Chaos Galaxy doesn’t feature voice acting, the substantial written dialogues more than make up for it. Don’t mistake this for a simple indie title; beneath its surface lies a complex strategy/tactics game with a substantial narrative and deep-seated lore behind each faction, making it a fantastic addition to any serious gamer’s repertoire.


Chaos Galaxy stands strong as an impressive indie title, the brainchild of a solitary developer. It harbors an immaculate touch of tactical gameplay, a testimony to the arduous work invested into the seamless integration of the game’s various features. True, there are occasional hiccups in the English translation, and it sometimes feels like the odds are stacked against you in combat scenarios (or maybe, just maybe, it’s just me needing more practice).

The beauty of Chaos Galaxy lies in its simplicity. Though some players may be deterred by the extensive reading that the game demands, it seems a small price to pay for those engrossed in games enriched with a rich lore and reliable gameplay. If you find yourself captivated by classical narratives such as the Romance of the Three Kingdoms saga, you’re in for a treat with Chaos Galaxy. It borrows bountifully from these legendary tales and artfully adapts them to a cosmopolitan, galactic environment.

While there’s a less expensive PC version available on Steam, the Nintendo Switch version shines due to its versatility. Chaos Galaxy runs smoothly on Switch, making it ideal for mobile, pick-up-and-play experiences. So, whether it’s a break between meetings or a commute, you can indulge in bite-sized episodes of tactical turn-based gameplay anytime, anywhere. We encourage you to give this universe a whirl. The galaxy awaits your reign!

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