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Devil Inside Us: Roots of Evil is a first person adventure game developed by Mr. Skull Games, and published by QUByte Interactive. It was released on January 25, 2024 on the Nintendo eShop. On behalf of the Handheld Gaming Community I would like to thank QUByte Interactive for the review code.


Fr August Story

In Devil Inside Us: Roots of Evil you play as seasoned exorcist August Heylel. You have come from the Vatican to investigate some disturbances at a home. The woman, Angela and her husband David just moved into the house, and were pleasantly surprised by the house when they first moved in. However things started to get strange very soon after they move in. Angela starts noticing things moving by themselves and strange behavior by her husband.


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You play August Heylel. As an exorcist you are armed with a crucifix and your faith. You have three gauges to be mindful of while playing the game. The first is stamina. August is an older fella at the beginning of the game. Don’t expect him to be running all over the place. However if you need to run, you will have to have some caffeine pills handy to refill your stamina. Faith is the next gauge you will have to be aware of, and it is represented by a white line on your crucifix. If you find yourself low on faith, you can refill the gauge by using a rosary. The last gauge is health. You refill this by using health kits that are distributed throughout the house.


During the course of your investigation you will encounter possessed items that will need to be exorcised. These items can be exorcised with your crucifix so long as you have adequate faith. You will fight off demons using the same tool.
You will also encounter areas that require keys that you will have to look around the rest of the house for. So don’t hesitate to explore every square inch of the property. Not only will this guarantee you to find the keys, but you will likely find other power-ups that will come in handy.


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Devil Inside Us: Roots of Evil is not the prettiest game you will find. It really struck me as early Xbox 360/PS3 graphics, or even late PS2/Xbox graphics. The graphics do aid the telling of the story, so that works. There are no performance hiccups that I was able to detect.


The sound design in Devil Inside Us is masterfully done. I played it at night while I was home alone got made so uncomfortable I had to turn on all of the lights until my husband got home. I am sure if you played with your headphones it would only enhance the experience.


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The story is very interesting. While not terribly original, it is more than adequate to put you into the mindset of a 74 year old exorcist, and start investigating the evil that lurks inside this home. Devil Inside Us: Roots of Evil uses mediocre graphics, and well done sound to tell a very interesting, frightening story. The story is told during two different time periods. You start out in 1984, and then have come back to the same house in 2020.


You can purchase Devil Inside Us: Roots of Evil on the Nintendo eShop for 14.99. I think if you are a fan of movies like the Exorcist, Amityville Horror, or the Conjuring, this game will be very entertaining for you. I don’t believe that this game will have much in the way of replay value, so think of it as an experience.


Devil Inside Us: Roots of Evil is a very fun, entertaining game. Play this game at night in the dark, and I guarantee you will not have a restful sleep at night. Fans of movies like the Conjuring, should really enjoy this game. I didn’t know what to expect when I first loaded this game up, and was very satisfied with my experience. Every part of the game helps to tell the story. You can purchase this game from the Nintendo eShop for 14.99. On behalf of the Handheld Gaming Community, I would like to thank the publisher QUByte Interactive for the review code.

Devil Inside Us: Roots of Evil is an adventure game with horror themes. While the graphics aren't anything to write home about, the sound, story, and gameplay make up for it and create a genuinely frightening game. If you like movies like the Conjuring, you will enjoy Devil Inside Us: Roots of Evil for Nintendo Switch.
  • Excellent sound design
  • Fantastic story
  • Genuinely Scary
  • Graphics
Gameplay - 9
Graphics/Performance - 7.5
Sound - 8
Story - 9
Value - 8
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