Duck Life Adventure

By Don Robbins

Duck Life Adventure is a pleasant romp on the Nintendo Switch that will keep you engaged in enjoyable minigames and activities for hours. The single player title offers fighting, racing, role-playing and adventure elements all in one.

My favorite aspects of Duck Life Adventure are the cute, vibrantly colorful animated graphics, the catchy upbeat music and goofy sounds. I also love the inventive minigames like jumping to avoid hot lava, or to catch as many falling objects as possible at one time. However, I found battle segments a little unbalanced at first, until I built up enough skill and training points through the game. I also felt a bit confused about all the complicated kinds of skill level points, inventory items, quests, the map and menu.

Fans of customization will find a lot to be pleased about here, because immediately you can choose your characters, body color, eyes, hair style and name. 

The cute story of the game revolves around a young duck who watches his hero on TV and excitedly tells his parent, “Mother, I’ve decided to become an adventurer duck, just like Marco!” However, his mom replies, “No! You are going to become a rich duck-tor!”

So, this little duck decides to venture out on his own, running into colorful characters in the street, until he drops down a manhole, through a sewer and finally lands into a magical world.

From there, the action really picks up, because the main character and player can choose from two paths in life: either entering “Battle Town” or “Race Town.” For example, in Battle Town, competitors whack each other with sticks until someone scores a K.O., and timed button presses at the right moment can help you do greater damage to your enemy. Battle Town ducks with a sword icon above them want to battle you. Green swords are easy to beat and red swords are tough. When you enter Race Town, you are tasked with trying to outrun your opponents, and energy bars can help you get faster.

Players can also enter shops to purchase additional equipment like hats, costumes and more, if they have enough money to buy what they want.

Duck Life Adventure also features speed and health “training” segment minigames when you enter a dojo. One consists of using the left stick to move while balancing as many objects on your head as you can. Another assignment has you jumping around to escape rising lava for as long as possible, and a third has you pressing the A button to throw forks at a target without missing.

After exploring what Duck Life Adventure has to offer, I give it a score of 7 out of 10.

Thank you to Publisher/Developer Wix Games for the review code.

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