Dungeon of the Endless

This game is somewhat roguelike, somewhat tower defense, somewhat resource-management building game with map exploration. and of course. a strategy rpg game as well. Seems like indie devs loves doing this. mix and matching genres.

Be warned, this game is very hard and unforgiving. even in “too easy” mode it can still be very punishing. Yes. you have option of “easy” and “too easy”. however. “Easy” mode had me acquaintanced with the game over screen at least 7 times before i finally decided to go with “too easy”.

You start by picking two heroes (you can have up to 4 by recruiting them in-game later on). and pick a spaceship. or rather. you can only pick an escape pod to start. every game has its own parameters and modifications. once you finished that. you can unlock the other mods.

You start in one room with a crystal. and start exploring the area. every area is hidden until you open it. in can contain enemies, modules, treasure chests, and dusts. if you find a room with dusts. it adds to your dust count. which is used to “power” a room. giving it a full view and making it so that monsters cannot spawn there. (this is important). however. it’s very limited.

in a room with modules, you can build a resource generator out of three available resources, science (for research upgrades), engineering (for building), and food (for healing and level up). however. resources does not generate over time. instead it generates everytime you “open” a room. This could also trigger monster spawning from the unlit rooms.

There are also smaller modules where you can build small support structure. such as buffs, debuffs, actual tower defense turrets, or other things you can unlock via research.

The monsters are unforgiving. and they can easily overwhelm your characters. in this point. it’s actually very important to choose which character you bring. do you want someone with speed, with hp to tank, with damage, with proper skills. etc. The characters themselves are more like parodies of most characters and have hilarious dialogues. you can even have a war pug.

The biggest challenge, is when you finally found the crystal exit. you can choose to explore until you unlocked all the map. or you can start carrying the crystal at the start to the crystal exit room. This will trigger unlimited monster spawn in EVERY unlit room. your carrier will be slowed considerably and cant fight. you have to escort said character as they bring the crystal to the exit. once there you have to make sure every character is accounted for before you exit the area. If you leave people behind. they are gone forever.

Also, if a character dies. they die permanently. Be careful

The graphics are very simple, the Switch screen feels somewhat to small for it. but it still works. the menu is pretty easy to work with Switch’s buttons. and overall. it’s a fun game. if not very frustrating.

The story is rather nonexistent, instead we just get fun character dialogues and background. so if you’re looking for story. you wont find it here.

If you’re a fan of roguelike game and tower defense, this is definitely worth your while. I’d give it a good 8/10

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