Electronic Super Joy 2

Big thanks to Hard Copy Games for providing us with a copy of Electronic Super Joy 2. Check the game out available on PlayStation, PC or Switch.

Electronic Super Joy 2 is a brutally fun and difficult platformer. Running, jumping, slicing and dying smashing your way through trippy levels; battling strange enemies and even stranger bosses. Check out the trailer below and I’ll catch up with you in a minute.

First Impressions

So, if you happened to have read my review on another platformer, Restless Hero (seriously, check it out), then if you take that game and crank the soundtrack, difficulty and outright trippiness up to a 15, then you have yourselves Electronic Super Joy 2.
I loved playing this game could not put it down (despite my many deaths)
One of my favourite parts was the soundtrack.
Also, the introductory warning really sets up this game beautifully and hilariously.


There are some weird but hilarious story lines in this.
The story that I played is that the devil has a golden butt that you want to steal to make a wish. They are quite non-sensical but in this game, what is “sensical”. This game doesn’t need some in detail, legitimate story line to make it great.


The controls for this game can be easily found in the main menu. Simply left and right to move, down to drop off of a sticky wall, A to jump, B to use your power, its that simple.  That being said, the controls are easy to grasp but hard to master, in that your timing has to be spot on, split second too late and you miss your mark and you die.

This will happen.


You think you die a lot in a souls game? Think again. I counted approximately 380 deaths in my first 2 hours of game time alone; and I loved every single one of them. The frustration of dying only adds to what this game tries (and succeeds) to achieve, that you get so mad you just HAVE to get past that next part, or nail this perfect timing on your jumps.

You will need to take breaks from this game just to calm down and come back with a fresh head.
The frustrating part is when you’re 1 *bleeping* jump away from the checkpoint and you miss and you die. Honestly, I’m not salty and frustrated…

Graphics / Sound

The trippy and bright art style can quickly turn your eyes funny, however, I do enjoy how the game looks. The vibrant colour palette can be hard on the eyes but it does grow on you; some of the maps do go for a darker shade, which is very much welcomed at times. Overall, this does set the tone for how the game is going to be. Outright crazy.

The soundtrack is phenomenal, some tracks really get you pumped up into the game. The combination of the soundtrack and the graphics makes you feel like you’re having in a rave in the game.

Ultimately, I don’t have any real complaints about the graphics or soundtrack to this game.

Quality / Replayability

I’m unsure overall of the replayability, as i just hit a level that I cannot beat. I keep going back to it and manage to get to the next checkpoint before I am unable to get further without a break. I’m sure by now I’ve had an extra 200 deaths since my last mention of death count in this review. But it is great, I can understand why people may get frustrated by this, I have gotten slightly frustrated too; but I just put the game down and come back to it after a few hours or the next day. I can’t stay away from this game, not until I beat it.
I now have several hours in this game and I don’t think I’m even half way through.

However, for what I have done, I could go back through the levels again and still struggle; and take a few moments to try and remember how I beat it the first time.

And the sound track, just the soundtrack keeps things pumping.

Electronic Super Joy 2 is a funky and very difficult 2D platformer with a brilliant soundtrack and a lot to offer in making you think for unique solutions to beat the levels. This game gave me many hours of fun and frustration. I think my final death count at the time of writing this review is somewhere around 600-700 deaths; honestly, I've lost count. If you, like me, did start to get frustrated at certain points, I would recommend putting it down for a while to chill and come back with a new angle. I think the soundtrack is amazing and the premise of the game is hilarious. I think if I paid full price for this game I would still be very happy with the purchase.
  • Story is hilarious and nonsensical
  • Very simple controls
  • Graphics are good and trippy
  • Soundtrack is the biggest highlight of this game for me
  • Outstanding value for many hours of gameplay
  • Could play this again and still find it very fun and difficult
  • Died... a lot... (But is that really a bad thing?)
  • Eyes can start to hurt after a while staring at the vibrant colours
Story - 7
Gameplay - 9
Controls - 9
Graphics / Sound - 8
Value - 10
Replayability - 7
Gamer Geek and proud, I have been gaming on various platforms since I was 9 years old, starting with my Gameboy original around 22 years ago. Handheld gaming has always had a place in my heart. Side scrollers and strategy games have always been my thing.

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