Eternal Concord


A retro style RPG,that simplifies things by not bogging the player down,with masses of dialogue,side quests at the very beginning of your adventure.Storywise,your village is surrounded by advancing monsters,and a trip to your king,reveals that he is oblivious to the danger,having just been possessed and controlled by the Demon Lord.This harbringer of death and destruction is a complete joy to watch,with actions and dialogue that reminded me of the villains of many stage theatre plays! You and your band of followers,have no choice,but to abandon your village and escape on a ship,to other lands to seek help…

Its standard fare,for you and your band of 3..You move across the map,where you can suddenly hit an enemy encounter,and in RPG fashion,pick an action for each,with victory awarding XP and possible items.Visit a town,and by entering an Inn and paying for a night,you can heal fallen comrades,visit a weapon shop for weapons,armour and potions and also speak to other residents,who may give advice,or just talk about themselves! Main quests are given,and represented with a small dot on the map,on the outskirts of towns and villages.You just follow in the direction of the dot,with random battles along the way,gaining XP,and levelling up,which will unlock abilities for each character…

ETERNAL CONCORD,is a stripped down RPG,with focus on its leveling and battling various enemies and bosses.The “Less is More”quote applies here,and that can work for some and perhaps,annoy others.I found something amiss,in its overall balance,with being able to plough through enemies with ease,then coming to a point where i got totally wiped out,a few minutes later.Levelling can see a huge jump in stats,from say just level 5 to 6,but there’s still a need to grind areas in parts,with so much unpredictability in enemies.Thats a good thing for some,and its all down to player preference,at the end of the day..Its enjoyable in many parts and theres an addictiveness,even though,at times,i feel this can fade with isolation with just your character/s in a mass of greenery…

6 out of 10…………

Thanks to DUNAMIS GAMES for the code .

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