Far: Lone Sails


it’s actually pretty hard to write a review about this game. cause this is less of a game and more of a journey. so let’s start with the Journey part first. or rather. the story aspect

you started in some kind of grave or sort? you go trough a series of easy puzzle and you will arrive at your vehicle. it’s some kind of a gigantic steam wheeled engine land-ship. this is where you start your journey. you will go forth. keep going trough what seems to be a barren, lifeless, apocalyptic wasteland. to some parts where you will find life of sort. trough harrowing darkness of a desert, trough mountains.

The Journey itself is peaceful. with some great and mood-setting music to keep you company. it feels like some kind of solo road trip trough a post-apocalyptic world. the longer you go. the more you will feel intrigued about this world. the more color the world gets when you started in some kind of black and white lifeless world. the more you will feel like you wished to find life. to find if there’s another living person out there. it is a journey barred by the gameplay

Don’t get me wrong. the gameplay can be fun at times. which consists of driving the system that is your vehicle. by pressing or pushing buttons. you have to push a button to start the engine. another to steam off. another to brake, which you will have to do a LOT. you’ll have to stop and collect items scattered in the wastelands. because they are fuel. or at least can be converted into fuel.

now this is my gripe about the game. the hassle that is the gameplay. which ruins the enjoyment of this journey. it’s not that bad but it takes you out of the immersion.

i wanted to enjoy the view. immerse myself in this world…. oh wait. a fuel thing. gotta brake and get out of the ship. grab it. bring it back in. continue. oh wait. another fuel thing. repeat.

especially when your energy tank will run out within… say… 1 minute (felt like 30s for some reason). and the items you found will either charge half of it or full (big ass barrels). so you are forced to repeat this hassle of a gameplay over and over and over again.

the longer you go, however. the more upgrades you can find. it feels like after some journey. you will reach a checkpoint of sort where you are forced to stop moving. get off your ship. and start exploring to find a way to continue. such as maybe a giant gate blocking your way. and troughout these places. you will find some sort of upgrades to your ship. like sails that will help your ship move without fuel in windy areas, a repair module, and my latest acquisition that made the game somewhat easier and more hectic at the same time. an auto-item retrieval.

the game run smoothly at 30fps. which again. confused me. because from what i heard in other consoles it run at 60fps. its beautiful. but its not a graphical marvel on any means.

having said all that. this is a beautiful game. the art style is endearing. the music is fun and peaceful. and the longer you go. the more you will be drawn into this world. and the more you will want to find out about what this world has to offer. if you want to relax (and slightly get annoyed sometimes). if you like the micro-managing, if you just want to sit down and enjoy the journey. this is the game for you. in fact. i’m sure most people will enjoy this game.

With an endearing, beautiful art style that takes you in from a lifeless world into breathing life at some other areas. some dark and perilous rain and thunder. the music and sound design that is actually sort of amazing of how it conveys the world to you. marred with slightly annoying gameplay that takes you out of the enjoyment sometimes. this game deserves the score of


Thanks to Mixtvision Games for providing us with the key for this game. check out the dev page at FAR: Lone Sails. and get the game if you would.

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