Flow Lines VS


From #BaltoroGames comes a colorfull puzzle game that has a lot of levels to keep your mind busy and if you got friends have them join you too!

With over 400 levels your goal is to draw lines between two points without getting in the way of the others. Sounds easy but you must also consider to pass by every empty space left and later on obstacles will also show up making things much harder.

This game plays well using touchscreen or joycons but if you are like me and prefer the touchscreen you will notice one simple replay button right on the corner would be super usefull instead of going to the menu with a button and then tap on replay. Also, may times I wanted to know which level I was playing as I am sure many players will. Having somewhere on the stage window show you what level you are playing at the moment feels necessary.

Overall it was fun and it can be even more fun if you can enjoy it with someone to pass the time.

Speacial thanks to Baltoro Games for making this review possible!

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