Food Truck Tycoon review


Developed by Baltoro Games

A management game where your coordination skills will not be enough to keep food from burning…

Your only goal is to serve all the customers you can and gain the money at the end to upgrade your service or just the looks of your truck and repeat. There are 25 achievements in the game, a big plus for many gamers.

Controls are limited to the joycons, no touchscreen allowed in this game however it should be an option. It got me addicted for a while and it is a very fun experience until you see how the controls can be a nuisance at the later levels, when you must move the cursor around to select something that doesn’t have it’s own key to interact with, it feels is designed like this so you really feel pressured and that is okay! However it drags you down a lot too… If this wont be a problem for your speedy fingers then its a game you will have lots of hours with.

Upgrading your kitchen will be your main focus at the start. Earn all the money you can and repeat a few levels if you are stuck on the next one then upgrade again. And keep your kitchen always clean! Had a lot of fun with Food Truck Tycoon, was not expecting it to be this fun and entertaining. Please don’t be afraid to burn some food and enjoy this game if you are able.


Thank you so much Baltoro Games for making this review possible. And for trusting our group with it.

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