Gabbuchi is a lighthearted puzzle/ action platformer published by h.a.n.d. Video Game Company. The objective of the game is to reach the black heart located within the stage area with a cute little block eating block monster named Gabbuchi. To do this you can change colors from white to red to be able to eat the matching colored blocks within that area. While playing you have to main goals for each stage (of which there are 180). Those objectives are to satisfy Gabbuchi by eating enough blocks to fill the heart gauge and to complete the stage in only a certain amount of color swaps. Though the two goals are very simple, they become more and more difficult to achieve as you progress throughout the higher level stages. The music of Gabbuchi is very relaxed and joyful which makes it hard to get frustrated while playing the more difficult stages. The music is a slight bit repetitive but overall very fitting and matches the simple game mechanics and visuals of Gabbuchi. This is a great game to pick up and go if you only have a small window of time for some gaming!

A big thank you to h.a.n.d. Video Game Company for providing this game for review!

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