Hidden Through Time 2: Myths and Magic


Hidden in Time 2 is a point-and-click hidden object game developed and produced by Rougeside, released on October 5th, 2023.  The game is the sequel to Hidden Through Time.  The game includes changes and new features including a timing system to change the map from day and night, an improved map creator, and a large selection of online maps.  


This is a great game for Family Engagement or Couple Co-op (different from couch co-op, where instead of two players with two controllers, there is only one controller and the 2nd person can easily assist with gameplay).

When starting the game, you have several different eras of time to search through.  Choose between The Middle Ages, Greek Mythology, 1001 Nights, and The Magical 80’s.  The narrator gives the player a short description of each scene, and the hunt begins.  

I laughed out loud at the characters frantically dancing when I first opened the map.  It’s very silly and creates a lighthearted tone for the experience.  The music became repetitive by the third map I was playing, and I ended up listening to a podcast while I played. This could be a positive aspect, depending on how much you want to be immersed into the game.

You don’t have to find every single object to move onto the next map, but if you are a 100% completion gamer, you’re in for a bit of a challenge.  Some objects are out in the open, and others are barely viewable and are hidden behind items in the foreground.  The hints will offer you some reprieve, but don’t expect it to give the location away. 

The hints are clever, sometimes snarky, and just difficult enough to keep two grown adults busy to find the hidden items.  If there was a way to remove the hints from overlaying on top of the map, the gameplay would have been a 10/10.  

This game will be released on the Nintendo Store on 1/25/24.  Not only do you get the campaign and online maps, you can build your own. There is a lot more to this game than I expected – you are getting a lot of bang for your buck!

If you are looking for a casual, easy to learn, family-friendly game – this one is for you! Very relaxed and funny at times, this game is one to pull out for a chill evening.

On behalf of the Handheld Gaming Community, I would like to thank Rougeside for the review code. 

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