One of those perfect games to keep you entertained while you or your children is forced to stay quiet on a waiting room for way too many hours.

“HOT SHOT BURN!” is developed by Flaming Flamingo and published by Forever Entertainment. Join with your friends at home or even online in this brawler, shoot’em all down during a series of fast paced matches and claim victory!


You get to chose between a few unique characters with their own ability. Play enough games and you can unlock even more characters and their new skins, more arenas and even new game changing effects called “mutators”.

“HOT SHOT BURN!” Is played as a TV Show and during these matches everything counts to amuse the viewers cheering for your victory or death. Shoot through walls, become invisible and more just to keep yourself alive until the end.


To me this tittle is well worth it to have in your collection. It’s fun and wacky and gory and if you dont want the gory effects you can even disable them! Everyone can play and enjoy the fun to be had with “HOT SHOT BURN!” so I can only recommend it.

Thank you to the publisher Forever Entertainment and the developer Flaming Flamingo for entrusting us with this review.

  • Replayable
Gameplay - 7
Replay value - 8
Controls - 8
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Just a casual gamer looking for that next addiction of a game.

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