Infliction: Extended Cut

I got mixed feelings about Infliction. I thought the game would be bad. but then it surprised me. I thought it looks pretty good. and then it shows horrible character model that looks low-poly ugly as sin. But just as i was going to give up on it. the ghost (yes, it’s a horror game) Looks incredible. almost like it belongs to P.T.

Infliction is a horror game where you are stuck in a house and have to relive horrifying experiences over and over until you solve the murder.


Story wise, it’s nothing exciting if you watched many horror movies before. It tells the story of a man returning back home to grab a ticket, presumable your wife forgot to take with her. And found a tape of her murder instead. You run away from a ghostly thing. and ended up crashing the car. You wake up back in the house but it looks like some time has passed, This is when things start to get weird and you realize you are trapped in the house until you solve your wife’s murder.


The story at least have quite an exciting twist that you wont find out til nearing the end.

You navigate trough the ever-changing house, find clues about the murder. find and unlock memories that will give you the lore and the background. You can interact with almost every single thing in the house, and even observes/ rotate objects. Sometimes you’ll find something. most times it’s just nothing.

Later on the ghost will start harassing you and chase you around. However there’s really no punishment if you die. you just reawaken without losing any progress and you can continue looking for clues to advance the game. There will be quite a lot of scripted death, however. And those are usually sign of progress. It’s a weird feeling to be happy when you’re killed or passed out because it means you’ll wake up to a different place, progress!

The graphics are combination of good and bad, as i mentioned before. It seems like they blew all their budgets on the ghost and the environments. and that’s it. because almost everything else that’s not important looks absolutely dreadful. And even then the design of the ghosts seems like something you’ve already seen in most movies or other games. The girl ghost looks almost like it was straight out ripped off P.T with some changes.

The Audio was surprisingly really well-designed to give you the sense of dread. to give you a whole feeling like there’s something not right with this house. But this is also a mixed bag. as again. it seems like everything you’ve heard before.

The joycon camera control is kind of horrible when it comes to pointing you at a specific small target to observe. Or that friggin small light switch.

Having said that. This would easily scare people who aren’t used with horror. And isn’t just another cheap jumpscare. they built the atmosphere nicely. it earns a good 6/10 from me.

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