Jim Is Moving Out


Platform: Nintendo Switch (Eshop)
Release Date Jul 19, 2019
No. of Players: 1-2 players
File Size: 863 MB
Genre: Platformer, Puzzle
Price: $14.99 / € 12.99 / £ 11.99.
Publisher: CINEMAX

Firstly thank-you to Lukáš Macura for the review code.

Jim is Moving Out! is a physics-based platform/puzzle game, where you have to navigate your apartment/flat (a large square) around different levels. You complete the level by reaching the goal before completely destroying your flat. There is a bar at the top of your screen which shows how damaged your flat is. Some of the levels have other conditions such as ‘find and collect all items’. You also need to collect vinyl’s in the game to unlock certain mini games.

You can play these levels by yourself or with a friend in Co-Op mode. I found Co-Op mode more difficult as one wall is removed from your flat and it was easy to fall out. Although this did make for a few hilarious moments. Overall, I found the controls a little sluggish and awkward. However, some platform-puzzle fans will enjoy the added difficulty. I myself found the difficulty to be a bit inconsistent. I expected it to gradually increase but it did not. Some very difficult levels were followed by a very easy one and vice versa.

Visually the backgrounds are quite nice, if a bit samey. I personally was not fond on the classical music. However, that is down to my personal tastes. I played some of the game with my partner and he enjoyed the music.

The game features mini games. Two-player versus Death match, one level is available right away. You can set the score limit up to 4. You must try to knock off a TV that is balancing on the other persons head, or generally just damage each-other to win a point. Me and my partner actually found this quite fun. There were different backgrounds to this mini game which I liked. To unlock the other levels you need to play Jim’s journey more or collect vinyl’s.

Overall the game will be enjoyable for gamers that love platform-puzzle games and classical music.

I recommend playing the game in short bursts. The death match mode is quite fun. I do feel the price is a little high for this game.

-Fun Death Match Mode in short bursts.
-Will be fun for fans of this genre

-sluggish controls at times
-Not everyone will be a fan of the music
-A little pricey
-Not much variety

Score: 6/10

Written by Victoria Thorley.

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