Labyrinth of Legendary Loot

If anything, going back to classic sometimes works.

Labyrinth of Legendary Loot is a simple, classic grid roguelike with a looter twist. It plays like the original rogue games where you move in a grid system map, enemies moves as you do and so forth.

The twist? you start the game naked, no equipment, no skills, no stats whatsoever. You get those via loots you found in the dungeon. All over the floor

Gotta collect them all

Here be wall of texts

These loots give you a range of different stats, You might end up with high hp and low mana, or low hp with high mana. They also give special skills, passive skill bonuses, and abilities. Ranging from a typical fireball, area stun, auto-multiple-attack in one turn, dash and push, heal, ranged normal attack, armor buff, enemy debuff, etc. There are ridiculous amount of different loots and skills here i don’t think i found them all yet. Not to mention each skills and spells have different mana cost and you have to actually manage resources. You can’t just spam abilities.

And the prefix are randomized, you can find a Holy Sword of Fire to Holy Sword of Mending, each with different secondary bonuses. You can also swap these secondary prefix if you find an anvil item somewhere in the dungeon.

Lightning magic? sword? axe? up to you.

These equipments are also upgradable with coins you find in the dungeon. the higher the + stat, the more bonuses they give. It could be annoying to have upgraded an item to ludicrous level only to find something with better prefix and skills later. Thankfully they give you the option to “scrap” the items for less coins. The upgrades are limited to which floor you are in. The deeper you go the more you can upgrade your equipment. Limiting your options and not making it too easy for yourself.

When it comes to the dungeon itself, it’s pretty simple. you just have to explore the rather medium-sized map to find the staircase leading to the next level, the deeper you go the harder and the more varied the enemies would be. Forcing you to learn their attack patterns and plan your movements or you will end up getting surrounded or hit by ranged attack while fighting another enemy, keep on a lookout for enemies with shiny outline which indicates an “elite” monster. And some color that indicates the enemy is using a skill that you can avoid.


Also watch out for floor effects such as burn and poison

You regenerate mana with each steps you take, more if you have items that gives bonuses to that. When you reach another level, your health will be fully regenerated so you wont have to worry about conserving them. But here’s the big problem. If you die it’s literal game over. There is no way around it. You’re back to the very first level with every equipment gone. A fresh start all over again.

The game does have autosave at each level start, Death however overwrites this and you’re back to square one.

There are multiple difficulty level, but they only affect health orb drop rate and attack damage.

Audio and Visual

The graphic and audio is reminiscent to Snes era RPG games. basic but has enough color and design to differentiate enemies. It wont wow you visually but it’s not really supposed to.

In conclusion

Autosave will bring you to the start of each level if you close the game midway

In the end you might never get bored as you keep finding new loot, new skills and new way to play while braving yourself to reach the lowest level. I find myself playing hours and hours, or sometimes just turning it on to go a couple floor deeper for a couple minutes. So far…. i haven’t died just yet. (okay i died once)

Fans of looter and roguelike game won’t be disappointed, and you might ended up getting addicted to just go one more floor. Try to not get yourself killed.

You can find Labyrinth of Legendary loot for Android in Google Play

Thank you to Dominaxis Games for the review codes.

  • Excellent replayability
  • Addictive
  • Visual and Music are nothing special
  • Can be frustrating if you're not into roguelike and permadeath
Visual - 7
Music - 7
Gameplay - 9
Replayability - 9
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