Little Racer


Full disclaimer: I received the game code in exchange for doing a review.

Its a simple little racer game, where you control the speed of the car, and the lane you are in using the top ZL and ZR Buttons. I think you can play up to 4 players, as the screen says “A to join” in 3 other places. I am playing this single player.

The goal is to obviously finish 1st place, but to also take turns fast enough to race without falling off the track and to avoid the obstacles on the track.

I am starting out this game by playing Campaign Mode. Its one of the many options in the menu. They also have Party Mode, Car Gallery, Achievements, Track Editor, and of course the Settings and Credits.

After the first few levels they introduce a new obstacle in track 4, the chicken crossing the road.

When you crash, the game resets your car back on the track very quickly.

After Level 7 they introduce the Yeti that can knock cars off the lane.

This level just would not let me pass, the robot players were just too good. I had to play the level over and over and still couldn’t win… I finally made it to 3rd place, but it was not enough… Few trys later I finally made it to 2nd place, and still not enough to get to level 8.

I guess since I can not beat Level 7, lets see what Party Mode is all about.
Seems to be the same thing as Campaign mode. Same races and same 3 AI drivers. Not sure what this is about.

I tried out the track builder and its very easy to use. Such an awesome feature added to this game. I was able to quickly make a track, add obstacles, and get racing in just a minute! You can add all types of track pieces very easily.

Car Gallery just shows the cars you have unlocked while playing. But since I got stuck at Level 7 then I only have 1 car unlocked.

Achievements in the menu shows you the things you beat, such as levels or beating certain times in a level, like a 6 second lap in one level or 20 second lap in another.

Credits shows the credits of who worked on the game and the company ‘All in! Games!’. It scrolls up the screen with the game logo on the left.


The game is fun to play. I was able to get a hold of how much gas to give the car before it will fly off the road. It is a lot like the track cars I had as a kid. Too much gas and the car goes flying off. But with the added ability to change lanes whenever you want to. I enjoyed the game, and hope that I will be able to pass level 7 eventually and see what other awesome levels this game has to offer.

Special thanks to Halina Stalmach from ALL IN! GAMES! for the review copy. Learn more from

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