Minesweeper Genius


Developed by Mgaia Studio.

As the name tells you this puzzle game is about avoiding the mines to clear the level. Will feel very familiar and at the same time something new as well for a very sweet price.

The gameplay is very simple, tap and hold on that square you so know there is a mine beneath so a flag pops up to remind you of that very likely things will end in a BOOM if you stand on top of it. To just move the character tap again on each free square to move around while keeping them clean at the same time.

At the later stages things will get confusing with switching the squares and move from on corner to the other. Also when you retry a level that same level will look a little different so you have to think, all over again.

Overall a very entertaining game to pass the time, the only down to it so far would be the lack of something else other than just the puzzles, like a little story or an end goal to complete and get a little less repetitive experience with Minesweeper Genius.


Biggest thanks to Mgaia Studio for giving us the chance to do this review! Muito obrigado!

Check out their games too! http://www.mothergaia.com.br/games/

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