MOBAPAD M6 HD Joy-Con Review

The MOBAPAD M6 HD joy-cons are a testament to innovation and excellence in gaming peripherals. With a sleek design and advanced features, they redefine the gaming experience for Nintendo Switch users. From the clicky Omron switches to the precision of the Hall Effect joysticks, every detail is finely crafted to enhance gameplay. The inclusion of turbo, macro, and button swap options, along with NFC support and a 17-hour battery life, makes them stand out as the ultimate joy-con alternative. The comfort and versatility offered by these joy-cons surpass any other third-party controllers on the market. MOBAPAD's commitment to quality and innovation sets a new standard for gaming accessories. Whether you're a casual player or a hardcore gamer, the MOBAPAD M6 HD joy-cons are a game-changer.
  • Elegant design
  • Omron mechanical switches
  • Amazing D-Pad
  • Hall Effect Joysticks
  • Swappable face plates
  • So many features
  • Comfortable for different hand sizes
  • Limited Color Options
Looks / Aesthetics - 9
Button and D-Pad Performance - 10
Joystick Performance - 10
Customization - 10
Features - 10
Comfort - 10
Value - 10

Founded in 2018, MOBAPAD has swiftly risen as a key player in the gaming peripherals industry, specializing in innovative accessories for the Nintendo Switch console. Renowned for its commitment to cutting-edge technology and ergonomic design, MOBAPAD has earned praise for its high-quality products aimed at enhancing the gaming experience. The MOBAPAD M6 HD Joy-Con for the Nintendo Switch exemplifies the company’s dedication to excellence, featuring advanced features and unmatched functionality designed to meet the needs of both casual players and hardcore gamers. In this review, we’ll explore the design, performance, and overall value of the MOBAPAD M6 HD Joy-Con.

Looks / Aesthetics

Creating a memorable impression is crucial, whether it’s with a video game, an automobile, or a joy-con. The MOBAPAD M6 HD excels in this regard from the outset. Presently, it’s offered exclusively in white, featuring understated dark gray branding on the back and front buttons, adding a dash of classic sophistication. This elegant design complements the Switch console’s sleek black exterior flawlessly, resulting in a visually striking combination that’s guaranteed to attract attention. Verdict: WINNER

MOBAPAD M6 HD: Face Buttons

MOBAPAD introduces a truly distinctive feature in its M6 HD joy-cons by incorporating Omron switches into the face buttons, the same type used in gaming mice. Unlike the membrane-style buttons prevalent in most gaming controllers, these are mechanical switches, offering a satisfyingly clicky sensation when pressed. With the buttons positioned closer to the face plate, they boast reduced travel time, enhancing precision and accuracy. In my experience, these face buttons surpass those of any controller I’ve used. Verdict: A definite WINNER


I’ve been a gamer for over 30 years, and the D-Pad on the MOBAPAD M6 HD is unlike any I’ve encountered before. This controller features a disk-style D-Pad, reminiscent of the Xbox Elite Series controllers. Despite initial concerns about comfort and accuracy, those worries vanished upon use. The D-Pad is a delight to navigate, offering incredible comfort, a satisfying click similar to the face buttons, and seamless transitions between cardinal and ordinal directions without compromising accuracy. After using it exclusively for two weeks, I haven’t made a single directional mistake.

For those who prefer a traditional D-Pad, MOBAPAD has you covered with a cross-shaped option, similar to other consoles. What sets it apart is the retained clicky feel. Although I tested the traditional D-Pad, I found myself favoring the disk-shaped version for its unmatched comfort. It stands out as the best, most comfortable D-Pad I’ve ever experienced. Verdict: A definite WINNER

MOBAPAD M6 HD: Bumpers and Triggers

The bumpers and triggers performed flawlessly. I’ve got fairly large hands, and they are placed perfectly for my index fingers to engage them comfortably. The bumpers have a tiny bit of pre-travel and no post-travel, and are consistent with each other. The triggers have no pre-travel and a tiny bit of post-travel, and are also consistent with each other. They are all sturdy and well-built, and while I noticed that pre- and post-travel when I was pressing the keys very slowly and deliberately, you won’t feel any of it with regular use. I would guess that these buttons also feature Omron mechanical switches, as they are as clicky as the face buttons and D-Pad. Verdict: WINNER

MOBAPAD M6 HD: Back Buttons

The back buttons on the MOBAPAD M6 HD joy-cons function as both button swap and macro buttons. Positioned perfectly for my larger hands, they sit at just the right spot for my middle fingers to reach comfortably. Offering zero pre- or post-travel, these buttons are impeccably designed and perform admirably. Verdict: WINNER

MOBAPAD M6 HD: Joysticks

Joysticks play a pivotal role in controller performance, influencing the gaming experience profoundly. A top-tier joystick seamlessly integrates into gameplay, while a poorly designed one detracts from it significantly, prompting users to seek alternative controllers. MOBAPAD excels in several aspects with their M6 HD joysticks. Employing Hall Effect technology, these sticks utilize magnets and electrical conductors to measure position, distance, and movement without physical contact between components. This feature prevents common issues like stick drift, ensuring durability and reliability over time.

The design and material selection of the MOBAPAD M6 HD joysticks contribute to their appeal. Featuring relatively flat caps with a subtle recess in the middle, users typically find optimal comfort and functionality by placing their thumbs at the center of the recess. The rubbery material enhances grip, eliminating the frustration of thumb slippage experienced with smooth plastic caps.

Upon closer inspection, a metal ring beneath the joystick cap serves dual purposes: safeguarding the joystick from wear caused by contact with the faceplate and facilitating smoother movement. MOBAPAD’s meticulous attention to detail shines through in every aspect of the joystick design.

The implementation of Hall Effect sticks proves to be a wise choice, delivering exceptional performance. These sticks offer remarkable sensitivity without being overly sensitive, striking the perfect balance between responsiveness and control. Without hesitation, I can attest that these are the finest sticks I’ve encountered on any controller. Verdict: A resounding WINNER

MOBAPAD M6 HD: Face Plates

The faceplates on the MOBAPAD M6 HD joy-cons showcase the brand’s commitment to offering customizable gaming experiences. These magnetic faceplates are conveniently removable with a simple pull, adding a thoughtful touch to the controller’s design. Each package includes two faceplates for the left and right sides, offering users versatility in their gaming setups. Both sides feature a faceplate with a round joystick gate and an octagonal joystick gate. While the round gate is the more conventional choice and likely to be used more frequently, the octagonal gate offers enhanced 8-direction accuracy, mimicking the functionality of a D-Pad. This feature can provide a significant advantage in certain games, underscoring the value of having options tailored to different gaming preferences. Verdict: A definite WINNER


MOBAPAD aimed to craft the ultimate PRO joy-con alternative with the design of these controllers, incorporating a myriad of features to enhance the gaming experience. These include turbo, macro, button swap, NFC for Amiibo support, an impressive 17-hour battery life, true HD rumble, Bluetooth connectivity for pairing with other devices, both circular and octagonal gates, friction rings on the joysticks, swappable D-Pads, Omron mechanical switches on the face buttons, Hall Effect joysticks, and more. The extensive feature set leaves little to be desired in these joy-cons, reflecting their remarkable quality and functionality. They truly stand out as an exceptional gaming accessory!


With my fairly large hands, I discovered that the MOBAPAD M6 HD joy-cons provide exceptional comfort. While not as sizeable as other third-party controllers like the NYXI Hyperion Pro Controllers or the DOYOKY RGB Joy Pad, they proved to be equally comfortable. When attached to the Switch, these joy-cons subtly give the device a trapezoidal shape. Resting in my palm, the buttons and sticks are impeccably positioned, allowing my thumbs and fingers to effortlessly access everything.

Final Thoughts

The MOBAPAD M6 HD joy-cons represent a pinnacle of innovation and functionality in the realm of gaming peripherals. Offering an array of features that surpass even those of the original Nintendo joy-cons, MOBAPAD has set a new standard for excellence in controller design. With turbo, macro, button swap, NFC for Amiibo support, and an impressive 17-hour battery life, these joy-cons cater to the diverse needs of gamers.

What truly sets the MOBAPAD M6 HD apart is its exceptional comfort and thoughtful design. From the tactile feedback of the face buttons and D-Pad to the precision of the Hall Effect joysticks, every aspect has been meticulously crafted to provide an unparalleled gaming experience.

Had MOBAPAD introduced these joy-cons seven years ago, it would have revolutionized the industry, reshaping our expectations of what a joy-con could be. Today, they stand as a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation and quality.

In my opinion, these are currently the best joy-cons on the planet, surpassing any other third-party alternative. If you’re looking to elevate your gaming experience, I highly recommend visiting the MOBAPAD website to explore their offerings. Additionally, for more in-depth reviews and discussions on gaming accessories, be sure to check out our Handheld Gaming Community accessory review site. Embrace the future of gaming with MOBAPAD M6 HD joy-cons—they’re truly a game-changer.

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