Project Triangle Strategy – Debut Demo

Fresh off the back of Nintendo’s Direct announcement stream on Wednesday 17th of February comes Project Triangle Strategy: A game that is intent on scratching the classic Strategy RPG itch, whether you like it or not.

This review is an introduction to the game, and I’ll do my best to leave a few secrets for you to discover yourself.

For now, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the trailer that promises something truly incredible, coming in 2022.

Reveal Trailer – Courtesy of Nintendo

The Premise

You’re dropped into a mid-game chapter, with no context given, and plenty of warnings telling you not to try and understand the story.

This allows us to focus on this demo’s purpose: Exploring the core mechanics and hooking you in to the story.

Three territories each controlling a key resource, and keeping a fragile trust which enables them to co-exist.

It’s here that we meet Serenoa, who rushes to the aid of the royal family alongside his companions. You’ll travel between cities, speak to the people, and build up knowledge before setting off into some incredible battles.

It is clear that a coup of some sort will be a key factor in finished title, and given that Square Enix are old hands: This can only be an encouraging sign.


Three main phases make up this game: Exploration, Battle, and Voting.

When not controlling the characters, there are text-based cutscenes which play out with full voice acting, and really flesh out this medieval styled setting.

Exploration is exactly as it sounds, you will move about the locale and have the opportunity to speak with various characters or townsfolk. Some of these conversations weigh heavily on the convictions of your party, and shape the story ahead.

Convictions affect whether a specific character will or won’t join you, or having townsfolk reveal the knowledge you need in order to turn the tide in a decisive battle.

Battle is the traditional grid-based affair, with a turn-based setup. Each character has a class which, as yet can’t be changed. This encourages you to really consider unit placement. For example: Hughette and Corentin can use ice to hinder the enemy, while loosing arrows a plenty to strike them down!

This is a polished execution, with great visuals, and scores of details which really bring the battlefield to life! – keep your eyes open for secret tactics in the demo’s second battle…you’ll see what I mean by details!

The last thing to mention is Voting: A moral question is given, voted upon, and the story is changed.

For all you may control the hero, you only have one vote! This means you’ll need to discuss your plans with the rest of the cast in order to sway them into passing their vote in your favour.

In Conclusion

I really could write endlessly about this demo.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time running through, and will be returning to explore the consequences of reversing my decisions.

This is a work in progress, but it’s a great return-to-form for SRPGs and one I cannot recommend highly enough.

Between HD-2D graphics and great sound design, this demo does well to really show its strengths, while acknowledging its flaws. Do yourself a favour and download it, it’s an experience I certainly won’t be forgetting.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time running through, and will be returning to explore the consequences of reversing my decisions. This is very much a work in progress, and Project Triangle Strategy is only a working title, but it's a great return-to-form for SRPGs and one I cannot recommend highly enough.
  • Strong story hooks, even without context
  • Intuitive, polished battle system
  • Unique roles for each character thus far
  • Every mechanic feels essential to the gameplay
  • Exploration is richly rewarded with new conversation choices
  • Visuals aren't always consistently sharp
  • Voice acting has a slightly unfinished sound to it
  • The demo ended
Story - 9
Controls - 10
Gameplay - 10
Sound/Music - 9
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