Purrs In Heaven

Purrs In Heaven is a 2D pixel art puzzle platformer in which you play as a cute little kitten through 30 levels of increasing difficulty, trying to solve the puzzle of how to reach the teleporter to the next level, utilizing the power of a magical talisman.

RIP little kitty ….. or … don’t, fight four your soul instead !

The game starts with a pretty tragic accident, a totally uncalled for and untimely demise of a cute little kitten passing the street, but you are soon given another chance at reversing your fate and returning to the land of the living, if you can collect all 3 pieces of your soul, guarded by powerful guardians that you have to reach through a series of platforming puzzles.

The Gate keeper helps you with a magical talisman

Its a very simple game to play, yet very difficult to master, as the game will have the player squeeze every drop of genius juice in them to be able to solve the increasingly difficult puzzles.

You basically have two moves, jump, or create an echo of yourself using the magical talisman that the heaven gate keeper gives you, and you should strategically place those echos as platforms so you can reach the end of the level, as well as the collectibles.

Sounds easy, isn’t really …

Dont forget to collect the fish, ah that’s goooooood kitty

The graphics are gorgeous 2d pixel art style, extremely detailed at hub areas and cutscenes, and very simplistic and calming during the levels themselves, it is a beautiful game to look at, combined with the ambient music, it truly is the ultimate relaxing experience, only problem is everytime the cat meows it melts my heart a little …or a lot actually.

Your hub world where you need to collect one part of your soul from each of the three gates

The game is a lot of fun for puzzle lovers, cat lovers, or 2d pixel art lovers. Its a game that could be played by casual, or hardcore gamers alike, give it a try, it’ll surely capture your heart.

I rate this game a 9/10, and its available for download at the Nintendo eShop here

Purrs In Heaven is made by the talented developers at EnjoyUp Games, special thanks for the review code !

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