Quest for the Golden Duck


Developed by Bigosaur comes a game a whole lot like pacman but with a twist…

The story resolves around a fabled Golden Duck with unlimited powers hidden away inside a castle no one dares to step inside, except our greedy heroes! You have to help them get the Golden Duck while taking away every gold coin on their way.

Your goal in each level is to collect all coins while escaping from those skeletons and cute dogs. In early levels you got a special power to turn yourself more powerfull and kill them for some time just like you would in PacMan however in later levels more powers will unlock as more and more intelligent your enemies become at tracking you.

This game is fun to play especially with someone at home in versus mode! Quest of the Golden Duck has everything you need to pass a good time playing it.

Our biggest thanks to Milan Babuškov for making this review possible!

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