Reverie: Sweet As Edition


Developed by Rainbite, Reverie follows an amazing adventure in Toromi Island.Tai is now on the Switch! In this port you can expect a few little features. The game brings a good amount of areas and dungeons with puzzles to solve, quests to finish, feathers to collect and bosses to defeat in the classic zelda style.

The gameplay feels just right and addicting all over again as it did on the PS VITA. Spirits have awoken and are now in fight your evil laundry machine with your trusty “sword” and roll over to evade incoming attacks. Darts can also be used to fight from a distance and solving difficult puzzles. The puzzles themselves might feel boring later in the game after 10+ hours but the diferent landscape, story progression and the boss battles at the end still make it worth it in my opinion and it can still be a great game for those who may even dislike puzzles.

I played this game a lot on the ps vita and now playing it on the switch feels very nostalgic and it was a great experience to replay it. This version includes a few changes into the overall experience however if you played it before for the Vita I don’t think it is necessary to buy it again for the switch… That being said game is amazing and deserves the spot on your switch collection if you haven’t bough it yet that offers you many hours of fun gameplay with a wider screen.


Special thanks to Rainbite for providing the code for this review to our group. Thank you all so much for trusting us.

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