Review: DOYOKY RGB Joy Pad Controller for the Nintendo Switch

The DOYOKY RGB controllers make a striking first impression with their sharp aesthetics, featuring an elegant white shell complemented by shades of gray in buttons and D-Pad. Positioned as an affordable alternative to premium joy-cons, these controllers excel in functionality, with face buttons, D-Pad, bumpers, triggers, and back buttons all receiving a "WINNER" verdict for their performance. The joysticks, while not perfect, impress with a rubbery material for enhanced grip. The RGB LED lighting, subtle yet pleasing, offers customizable options, although some users may find color bleeding on the white model. Currently priced at $49.99, these controllers stand out as a tremendous value, being $30 cheaper than Nintendo's Joy-Cons and $20 cheaper than a Pro Controller. With extras like Turbo, Button Swap, and Macros, along with a comfortable design catering to medium-sized hands, the DOYOKY RGB controllers emerge as a compelling choice for gamers seeking quality accessories without a hefty price tag.
  • Sharp Aesthetics
  • Affordable Alternative
  • Button and Trigger Performance
  • Comfortable Design
  • Innovative Features
  • RGB LED Issues
  • Joystick Design Concerns
Looks / Aesthetics - 9
Functionality and Features - 9
Comfort - 9
Button and Joystick Performance - 8
Build Quality and Durability - 8
Value for Money - 9

Looks / Aesthetics

I always like to kick off my reviews by delving into the product’s aesthetics because, let’s face it, our initial judgments are often visual. In the case of the DOYOKY RGB controllers, there’s no denying their sharp appearance! While not flashy and devoid of every color in the rainbow, they exude an elegant vibe with a straightforward white shell complemented by shades of gray in their buttons and D-Pad. The simple contrast these controllers provide against the Switch’s black slab is likely to appeal to many. Personally, it’s reminiscent of what drew me to the white joy-cons of the Switch OLED model upon its initial release. Verdict: WINNER

Premium vs. Affordable Joy-Cons

Based on my experience with third-party joy-con alternatives, it appears that developers typically steer their products in one of two directions. They either strive to create exceptionally premium offerings that outshine the competition (albeit at a premium price), or they focus on crafting a reliable joy-con competitor that enhances upon the OEM counterpart while being more affordable. The DOYOKY RGB falls into the latter category. So, while you won’t find the term “premium” elsewhere in this review, I don’t consider that a drawback in this case. The DOYOKY RGB effectively achieves what it aims to do – providing an affordable joy-con alternative that performs admirably.

DOYOKY RGB Tour: Face Buttons

The DOYOKY RGB face buttons feature a matte gray TPU material with shiny, etched-out letters for contrast. They resemble standard membrane-style buttons and lack a clicky feel entirely. Instead, they lean towards the mushy side, yet they remain accurate, exhibiting almost zero pre- or post-travel when pressed. In functionality, they perform exceptionally well! Verdict: WINNER


The D-Pad stands out with its distinct material, shinier in appearance, though I’m unsure whether to describe it as silver or gold. Its unique look sets it apart from the other buttons. Similar to the face buttons, the D-Pad lacks a clicky feel, which I find favorable. Personally, overly firm and clicky D-Pads tend to cause discomfort in my left thumb rather quickly, but this one didn’t lead to any discomfort during use. It proves to be accurate, with minimal pre- or post-travel. Unlike some D-Pads that register phantom directions (like registering left or right while pressing up), the DOYOKY RGB D-Pad doesn’t exhibit such issues. Verdict: WINNER

DOYOKY RGB Tour: Bumpers and Triggers

The bumpers and triggers share the same matte gray material as the other buttons, offering a consistent feel and performance akin to the face buttons. They exhibit a slight mushiness that, simultaneously, strikes an excellent balance between smoothness and firmness. With almost no noticeable pre- or post-travel, they prove to be highly accurate. Verdict: WINNER

DOYOKY RGB Tour: Back Buttons

The back buttons on the DOYOKY RGB controller are notably the clickiest among all the buttons. They offer zero pre- or post-travel, ensuring remarkable precision. The button placement design appears to be well-thought-out, featuring a vertical button that sits at a comfortable height for most people’s middle fingers to rest upon. These back buttons serve as a convenient button swap feature. For instance, if you frequently find yourself needing to use the B button and the right stick simultaneously in a particular game, you can easily map the back button as the B button, allowing for seamless simultaneous use. This functionality is a common feature in third-party controllers and is executed effectively in the DOYOKY RGB.

The back buttons also function as macro buttons for the controller. This means you can program a series of button or D-Pad inputs into them and execute the entire series with a simple push of the back button. Once again, this is a common feature in third-party controllers and functions seamlessly on the DOYOKY RGB controller. Verdict: WINNER

DOYOKY RGB Tour: Joysticks

I’m extremely particular about joysticks, considering them the most critical aspect of a controller’s comfort and enjoyment. If sticks aren’t placed correctly, made of the wrong materials, or poorly designed, they render a controller practically unusable for me. However, the joysticks on the DOYOKY RGB controller, while not flawless, generally do a commendable job. The design features a flat cap with a small recess in the middle and textured edges for better grip. Unlike many controllers, DOYOKY opts for a rubbery material on the sticks, a significant improvement over slippery plastic found in others. This rubbery texture greatly enhances grip, eliminating the need to exert excessive force and reducing thumb fatigue and discomfort. While I added some Skull & Co. Steam Deck convex joystick caps and felt they improved the feel, I wouldn’t consider them essential for these sticks.

Notably, these sticks lack friction rings on the stems, resulting in a slightly less smooth experience due to plastic-on-plastic contact. Additionally, I believe these are not hall effect joysticks but rather use potentiometers to calculate position. This might have been a deliberate choice to keep costs down, but it may lead to drifting or dead spots with extended use – something to keep in mind. Verdict: WINNER


The DOYOKY controllers, given their name, naturally come with RGB LED lighting, albeit in a subtler form compared to similar controllers. The LED lighting is exclusively featured in the ring around the two joysticks, offering a pleasing aesthetic without being overly distracting. To cycle through the LED colors, you can hold down the turbo button and press the stick, which allows you to switch between red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, blue, purple, and rainbow colors. Alternatively, holding the turbo button and double-clicking the sticks activates a “breathing” mode, where the colors fade and cycle.

However, despite my appreciation for the RGB LED lighting, there’s one aspect that bothered me slightly. I own the white model of this controller, and on mine, the lighting colors bleed onto the sides, particularly noticeable in darker environments compared to daylight. I suspect this issue may not occur with the black model. While it’s not a major concern and doesn’t impact the controller’s performance, for some, it could be a significant distraction. Fortunately, you have the option to turn the LEDs off, which not only resolves this issue but also conserves a bit of battery life. Verdict: DEPENDS


The DOYOKY RGB controller comes equipped with Turbo, Button Swap, and Macros functionalities, all of which operate seamlessly. Assigning buttons to turbo mode is a quick and easy process. Furthermore, the controller allows for an auto-turbo mode, enabling it to spam a button without any manual input. Notably, the back buttons possess the flexibility to function as any button on the controller. For instance, if you prefer using the back button instead of the D-Pad Up to access the map in your game, it’s a straightforward task to make this adjustment. Additionally, you can assign macros to the back buttons, enabling a single press to execute a series of button inputs. These features significantly enhance the gaming experience, making certain games much more manageable and enjoyable. Verdict: WINNER


Despite having fairly large hands, I find the DOYOKY RGB controllers extremely comfortable to use, although they seem to be designed more with medium-sized hands in mind. When connected to the Switch, they give the console a slightly trapezoidal shape. This design choice benefits players with medium to large hands, as it allows the side of the device to sit comfortably along the palm, ensuring that the thumbs naturally rest on the left stick and face buttons. There’s no overstretching needed to reach the D-Pad and right stick. Everything on the front of the controller is thoughtfully placed right where it should be, resulting in a seamlessly comfortable experience! Verdict: WINNER

Final Thoughts

The DOYOKY RGB controllers offer an impressive blend of affordability and functionality, currently retailing at $49.99. This price point positions them as an exceptional value, especially when considering that they are $30 cheaper than Nintendo’s Joy-Cons and $20 cheaper than a Pro Controller. Despite minor issues such as LED bleeding, these controllers stand out for their sleek aesthetics, comfortable design, and innovative features like Turbo, Button Swap, and Macros. Overall, the DOYOKY RGB controllers present a compelling option for gamers seeking high-quality gaming accessories without breaking the bank.

For more information, or to purchase a DOYOKY RGB LED Controller for the Nintendo Switch, please visit DOYOKY’s website or check them out on Twitter. To see more of our joy-con reviews, as well as our other accessory reviews, be sure to visit our Handheld Gaming Community Accessory review page!

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