Run the Fan


Developed and published by, Run the Fan is a puzzle game that requires fast and steady hands to roll that ball across the motherboard and conect the circuits, guiding that last spark of electricity to power a fan.

The gameplay is very simple, you use your left or right stick to tilt the circuit board in order to move the ball around connecting the path for your spark to reach the fan. It features over 50 levels and if you love these kinds of games maybe 3 to 4 hours of fun time will be waiting for you.

As a computer technician I very much apreciated the game design, the resistors blocking your way and how those tall capacitors blocked your view, how the cables were put, all very well thought out. Also, at the end of every level you will hear the system booting! To my computer geek persona, it felt very satisfying to end the levels like this. This game has so much potential, wasted potential. It could go even more in-depth and actually show us how the current flows in a real circuit. Who knows maybe in Run the Fan 2!

This game is good for every puzzle gamer out there and beginners alike. Uou don’t require any knowledge of the things I mentioned before or how it all works. I very much recommend this game to everyone who is in need of a good break from those big games out there.

A very big thank you to Rafal Blahut for making this review possible. If you liked this game or not check more of his games here:

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