Run the Fan

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Run the Fan is a e-shop game on the Nintendo Switch console.

Full disclaimer: I received the game code in exchange for doing a review.

The game has fairly simple controls. You use the thumb stick to move the circuit board around and the ball moves. This mechanic is a lot like the labyrinth games where you tilt the playing area and the ball moves. The metal ball completes the circuit so you can power the fan. You hold the ball in place using the shoulder buttons.

The first level is quite easy and they get more difficult each level. After a few levels you need to move quickly and make the connection before the power hits the connection point.

Later in the game it is much more difficult. There are different branches you can move to, and some of them are traps. You need to plan ahead and make the connections in the right places. This reminds me of the old maze games you would play as a kid, for example the maze games on place mats of restaurants.

The mechanics do change at level 2.1 – You can now fall off the game platform! This increases the difficulty by some as you need to master the balance of the ball and where you are going with it.

Level 2.3 Adds a second fan, While still being able to fall off the playing field, making the level slightly more difficult.

Level 2.6 Introduces you to 2 power supplies that power 3 fans. This can be tricky and you need to be quick. The levels after this get more complicated mazes but stick with the one power supply to one fan formula.

Level 3.1 makes the playing area very narrow, and you can still fall off the playing field.

In Level 3.3 You now have to power 4 fans from 1 power supply. You need to move quickly to get the power connections on time. It really adds to the difficulty of this game.

Level 3.8 has 5 fans to power from only 1 power supply.Level 3.8

Level 3.10 is extremely difficult and I kept running into a glitch where the electricity gets stuck on a spot and wont move, and the level does not end as a failure. Here is a screen shot of that. After playing many time I was able to finally pass this level.

Level 3.18 was really difficult for me at first, but it was tricking me! I eventually got through it. Turns out this was the last level and I finished the game 100%.

Overall, the game is a fun little puzzle game. Great for little moments you have to beat a level or two in spare time. You can also just keep playing and playing.

Thanks to Rafal Blahut and to HGC Group for the Review Code!

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