Skull & Co. NeoGrip and EDC case for the Nintendo Switch OLED model

One of the notable downsides of the Switch’s design is the slight lack in ergonomic comfort for lengthy gaming sessions in handheld mode. What we are happy to present to you here is an affordable, effective, and aesthetically pleasing solution found in the NeoGrip and EDC (everyday carry) case for the Nintendo Switch OLED model by Skull & Co. With only very minor downsides to consider, this is one of the best, if not the best, "set it and forget it" grip solutions for the Nintendo Switch system.
  • Fantastic low-profile grip solution for the Nintendo Switch
  • Plastic extension allows the same grip to be used on original and OLED models
  • Grip design allows user to use the kickstand and dock without having to remove anything
  • Grip sizes are easy to remove and exchange
  • EDC case does not allow for other chargers and cables
  • Larger grip sizes can possibly get in the way of docking the system
  • Could possibly lose small white locking piece at the top of the grip
Installation - 10
Form and Function - 9
Comfort - 10
Value - 10

The Nintendo Switch OLED is becoming one of our favorite handheld systems ever here at the Handheld Gaming community and among gamers as a whole. With its sharp and pristine OLED screen and upgraded quality of life features, it is quickly becoming a staple for handheld gaming enthusiasts. One of the notable downsides of the Switch’s design though is the slight lack in ergonomic comfort for lengthy gaming sessions in handheld mode. What we are happy to present to you here is an affordable, effective, and aesthetically pleasing solution found in the NeoGrip and EDC (everyday carry) case for the Nintendo Switch OLED model by Skull & Co. This grip and case combo is sure to send you off into some of your best gaming sessions on the go. Stick with us, your hands will thank you!

What is included?

Besides the typical packaging, Skull & Co. ships the NeoGrip with three grip options: the snap grips, the trigger grips, and the plus grips. The snap grips are the most minimal that offer just enough added size to make the Switch more comfortable than in its natural form. The trigger grips offer a helpful shelf for your index or middle fingers being the grips that give the most similar ergonomic feel to a conventional controller. The plus grips are the largest size the NeoGrip offers (think Xbox controller feel). You will also have the NeoGrip body that fits snugly and securely around the Switch OLED. I chose to purchase the EDC carry case in addition to my NeoGrip to complete the package. If you’d like to see the more robust option involving Skull & Co.’s grip case and max carry case, go on over to Jim’s review of that bundle here!

The Shell

Skull & Co. provides a helpful list of steps in order to install your NeoGrip easily. The steps are:

  1. Remove one joy con from the Switch.
  2. Slide the Switch OLED main unit with one joy con attached into the NeoGrip body.
  3. Slide the second joy con onto the Switch OLED main unit to allow the NeoGrip to attach securely to the system.
  4. Slide the small white locking piece to ensure secure fit of the NeoGrip on your system.
  5. Attach your grips of choice and game on!

The white locking piece could be a concern for some as it can be easily lost, though in my experience it has never fallen out of its slot. If you do by chance lose this piece, the NeoGrip is designed well enough that it should stay on the system without it sliding out. You will also notice a slim plastic piece that has “OLED model” written on it. This is actually a built in “extension” that allows the grip body to fit both the OLED model and the original Switch model by either including or removing this sliver respectively.

The Grips

The grips are very well designed to simply slide off and on the main NeoGrip body. They attach with a very noticeable locking snap that ensures they have been successfully attached. This allows you to switch the grips at any time depending on your needs while keeping the main NeoGrip body on the Switch system.

Form and Function

I will start off saying that I usually tend to opt for the more minimal and streamlined option. Bulky cases and grips are not my go-to as I tend to value space and weight in my backpack or bag. The slimmest and lightest solution is what I lean towards. 

The overall design is absolutely fantastic. The NeoGrip allows for full access to the memory card slot, kickstand, and ports. One very notable feature of the NeoGrip is that it still allows the Switch system to be fully dockable. This was a huge selling point for me as I prefer to attach grips to my handhelds and leave them on if possible so as to avoid potential damage to the body of the handheld with constantly removing the grip. It should be noted that the larger grips could press against any cables that come out of your Switch dock, but if that poses a concern you can easily slide the grips off when you want to dock the system.


With the provided grip options my personal favorite is the trigger grips, then snap grips, and finally the plus grips. The trigger grips are the obvious winner as they make the Switch feel like a premium controller, which is a dream come true for a handheld gamer. Though the snap grips are the slimmest of the bunch, don’t write them off too quickly. In my opinion they provide just enough extra mass to make the Switch noticeably more comfortable than its stock form. One thing to note is the snap grips are the only attachable grip that will fit in the EDC carry case. I find myself gladly playing with the snap grips with easy transitions between the Switch dock and the EDC carry case on the go. Since I received the NeoGrip, I haven’t taken it off my Switch and I don’t plan to!

EDC Carry case

The EDC carry case is the cherry on top for the minimalist solution of this entire bundle. The case easily and securely fits the Switch OLED with the NeoGrip body and snap grips attached. There are also several slots for Switch games as well as extra space if you’d like to throw in a cable. Unfortunately there is not much more space than that, but for a minimal and straightforward solution, this one is hard to beat. 

Head on over to Skull & Co.’s main page to see what other products they offer and what would best suit your needs! Drop a comment down below if you enjoyed this review or if there’s something you’d like us to address. Happy gaming!

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Growing up in the 90s, Gameboys and Pokemon pretty much made up my childhood! Gaming into my high school years, taking a hiatus in college, and recently returning to the scene has been my path back to this world that I greatly enjoy. I love seeing and discovering the art found in video games, recognizing it to be a unique medium to share story, music, and creativity. I’m always drawn to the story driven RPG/strategy game, though I have a soft spot for shooters and action/adventure as well (Metroid holds a special place!). Favorite handhelds are my OLED Switch, the Playstation Vita, and the classic Game Boy Advance.

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  1. This is a great grip! I have this and the Satisfye grip. This one is really good because you can dock it regardless of which attachment you have. The Satisfye while I prefer it is a pain to dock.


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