Super Arcade Soccer


Published by EnjoyUp Games, Super Arcade Soccer is an arcade type of game. A simple soccer match for a quick break during the day.

The matches are very short of almost 10 minutes long. You can pass and shoot the ball while the opposing team will try to always slide you on the ground and you can only move away or pass the ball to the next. When you watch the other team play with precise passes its how you see this game could be amazing but unfortunately I can’t do the same they do on the switch, this game will be hard to master but it can be very fun so you feel up to the challenge give this arcade a go!

Super Arcade Soccer also supports multiplayer. This is where it feels like one unfinished port for the switch. When we select multiplayer mode the game should be prompt to show this menu to the players. (image below) so you and your friend know how it is supposed to play and how you can’t play it. Super Arcade Soccer skips it entirely, giving the players trying this for the first time a very confusing experience. I started this mode in handheld first and the game never told me you can’t play this mode on handheld, what resulted in a bugged match of soccer.

Overall, this game is good. Sometimes a simple looking game like this is all you need to relax, it just needs more polishing for the switch platform to be fully enjoyable and that is easy to fix with some updates. If you like this genre grab it on a sale for your collection!

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A warm thank you to EnjoyUp for making this review possible.

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