Survival Rations 00 – An Introduction

Hello and welcome to Survival Rations! This is a new series exploring and explaining games/series’ which fill a particular void in life. Whatever has you looking for a shorter or easier experience, those that you find here will fit into your sessions somehow.

These won’t be whole and complete reviews as found elsewhere on the site. They’ll be more thorough explorations of mechanics/features and discussions of specific content that make the games stand out. Each game will be hand-picked and researched, and you can rest assured that they offer something worth experiencing every time.

Why the name?

In many settings worldwide, particularly the military, Field Rations or MREs (Meal, Ready-to-Eat) provide essential nutrition which keeps personnel at their best. While it’s not recommended to use Rations as your sole intake of food, they help people get out of a tight spot.

These meals are also known as, you guessed it, Survival Rations.

When it comes to gaming, opportunities to play could be limited by a faulty internet connection, being/becoming homeless, a lack of affordability and myriad other factors. Sometimes you may only have 45 minutes spare and want to wreak havoc a la ‘The Binding of Isaac’ or you’re squeezing puzzles into a 10 minute wait as I did with ‘Hexceed’.

These shorter, sporadic gaming sessions are rations, and I’m here to help you pick wisely, and really cash-in on that sweet golden time.

Getting involved

I am researching and writing this series from my own experiences so there may be a game that I haven’t thought of or a point that I’ve missed. You can get involved through our Facebook group or our Discord community and bring these to my attention!

If you have suggestions, I may be able to write about them in a future ‘Survival Rations’ piece, so please don’t be a stranger! Keep your eyes open for the banner on the website, and sign up using your RSS feed of choice to make sure you don’t miss one!

The first article will go live on Monday 18th July so keep your eyes peeled!

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Hello Spoony Bards! I’m Chris. I’ve been gaming ever since I was able to hold a controller, from blockbuster AAA experiences, to Indie one-person efforts. My favoured genres tend to be Survival-Horror and JRPGs, but I'll play anything once! Happy trails!

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