Lost in Play

Intro Video games are a special medium. They have the power to not only tell great stories but invite the player in and encourage us to look inward at our own stories. Lost in Play is one of those spe...

8.5 Great

The Pedestrian

Summary: The Pedestrian is a 2-D platformer puzzle game that tends to break reality in the best way.  If you enjoy puzzles, gorgeous visuals, or just the “woah, cool!” feeling – this game i...

8.8 Great


Fracter might just be another indie-puzzler on the Switch, but it has a eerie enough atmosphere to make it worth picking up on sale. Gameplay The goal of Fracter is to solve puzzles, that use shifting...

7.8 Good


Have you ever had the craving to play a co-op game only to realize that you’re home alone?  Well, Cyberwave’s Hourglass provides a neat solution to your problem.  This ghost producing, time rewi...

7.5 Good


Sometimes we as gamers need a break from shooting an endless onslaught of devious aliens or from saving a vast fantastical world for the thousandth time. Puzzle games can serve as great solutions in t...

7.8 Good

Square Valley ( iOS )

Ahhh… the peace and serenity of a walk in the countryside. The sights and the sounds soften and soothe the stresses of the mind and body. Those gently whirling windmills surrounded by fields of wheat ...

9.3 Amazing

The Islanders Review

Overview The Islanders is a new game by Coatsink Software.  It was announced at the last Indie World.   This game is essentially a puzzle game at its core.   You are building ...

8.9 Great


I drove a forklift around at my first ever job and full disclosure, I hated that forking job. The childhood excitement of driving around a forklift quickly gave way to the monotony of being an adult a...

5.8 Average


By Don Robbins An adventure/puzzle title on the Nintendo Switch, Carto looks lovely, and offers a charming musical soundtrack. It features an innovative jigsaw puzzle style mechanic, but I unfortunate...

4.8 Poor
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