Survival Rations 03 – Monster Taming

Hello and welcome to Survival Rations 03! Today we’ll be looking at 3 different games in the RPG sub-genre that is Monster Taming! You’ll get a brief origin story, and then a little something from eac...

Survival Rations 01 – Decked Out

Hello and welcome to Survival Rations 01! Today we’ll be exploring a relatively new kid on the block: Deckbuilding Roguelikes. Our focus will be on a few specific games, but you’ll also ge...

Death’s Gambit: Afterlife

Originally released by White Rabbit LLC in 2018, this 2021 update and expansion brings many long-awaited tweaks while bringing the title to Nintendo Switch for the first time. Thanks to Alex Kubodera ...

9.3 Amazing

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