Tangledeep review


Tangledeep is a 16-bit dungeon crawler developed and published by Impact Gameworks.

This is a rogue-like game which features 3 different game modes;

Adventure- a casual mode where you return to town after death and only lose half of your stats and money,

Heroic- after death the game ends however; you do retain progression within the town and items saved in the bank

Hardcore- upon death in hardcore mode, you lose everything and “All traces of your adventure are permanently erased”, player be warned!

There are 9 initial playable classes in Tangledeep with an additional 3 classes to be un-locked later in the game progression. These classes vary from the mage-like Spellshaper, a Hunter whose focuses on ranged attacks with a bow, and the brutal Edge Thane warrior character. Each character unlocks different abilities throughout the game by using xp from killing various monsters and unlocking certain chests.

The game play is reminiscent of Diablo where you click to move (or hold down the A button and direction you want to go) and attack. The great part of Tangledeep is that you can chose to play strategically by maneuvering around obstacles and placing certain shots as a Hunter, or you can charge in swords swinging as an Edge Thane and cut down all who cross your path.

The 16-bit generated world looks great and is surprisingly very detailed. The NPC’s are very interesting to talk to and offer guidance as well as quests to progress throughout the story. The menu system is a bit confusing at first however after you spend a little bit of time navigating through it, it becomes easier to understand. The music to this game really hit the mark and makes you feel as if you’re on an adventure during the time of castles and dragons. It has a very mystical / folk inspired sounds to it and I find it very enjoyable.

Tangledeep is a great game to experience whether you want to take you time and get lost in it in adventure mode or speed your way though to see how far you can get in hardcore mode. Either one you chose, you will not be disappointed!

A huge thanks to Impact Gameworks for providing the game code so I could experience and review Tangledeep.

Please check them out through the links below!



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