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Path of Motus is a puzzle platformer bringing positivity back into game play made by individual game designer, Michael Hicks . This game follows a young Goblin named Motus who is determined to follow his dreams and venture into a mysterious forest and make it out the other side victoriously. The combat of this game is very unique and simple. Throughout the forest, Motus faces many other goblins who want to keep him from pressing on to the other side. To eliminate these foes, Motus has to you his words to defend himself and attack at the right time. Different words are shot forth towards the enemies by using the B, Y, and X buttons and each are displayed in a different color. Matching your word with the enemies is the key to cancelling out their attack and knocking them out.

The puzzle mechanics in the game are very fun and engaging. Some areas you have to build a bridge by connecting the dots between each point in the bridge. However, each dot has a specific number on it and requires that many lines to be touching it for the bridge to be activated. In other areas, secret rooms are hidden behind these same types of puzzles and have to be solved in a similar manner. In these rooms are small bits of story line and collectibles which you will definitely want to pick up as you journey through the different areas.

The art style of this game is very nice with vibrant, bright colors being contrasted against a darker back drop. The character animations are very basic but sufficient as they allow Motus to traverse the various platforming stages he faces as well as quick thinking combat scenarios. The music is also hit and miss as some areas generate a very laid back guitar strumming along in a tone that inspires adventure. In other places it’s a louder more rushed sounded style of music being played which, for me, just didn’t mesh with the overall feel of the game.

This is a great game with an awesome message of encouragement to people to pursue their dreams even when the forest gets dark and there are many goblins in your path. From the light platforming and quick reaction combat to the puzzle solving and intriguing storyline, this is definitely a well crafted game which has clearly been created with positivity in mind.

If you’re interested please follow the link below to find more information!

Michael Hicks

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