They Breath

I will be reviewing the remastered Switch port but the game is also available on PC and mobile devices. Only this port of the game features co-op up to 2 players.

They Breath is a very short terror game developed by The Working Parts. This port however was mainly developed and published by Bulbware. This game is one heck of a great experience so keep reading if you don’t want to miss out on it.

I believe you will enjoy it much more if you don’t know any of the basics so in this review I won’t explain any of it but the goal is very simple, keep breathing as you dive deeper and deeper even when every single thing tries to stop you. Oh and all at the same time!

It kept me at the edge of my seat, was not expecting it. The sound effects are so simple but they do keep you engaged like they should in this genre, it was thriling and exciting and terrifying all the same time in “They Breath”. It only lasted for less than an hour worth of gameplay but certainly is one game you will remember by if you give it a try.

Just one thing that got me down with it is just replayability. The lack of it since it is a short game, playing it again after some time didn’t felt as fun as it did the frst time but I should have already expected it because after you finish it there is nothing else to fear anymore.

In conclusion, “They Breath” feels like a one time only experience that is very much worth your time and money if you like the thrill and suspence. Short yes but worth the price for sure.

I also want to thank the kind to the developers for sharing their game with us and making this review possible. Thank you very much.

They Breathe











  • Trilling gameplay


  • Short

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