A weirdly fun oil mining management simulation. Set in the old west. You and 3 other computer-controlled opponents basically races to get the most money til the end of the round (a year in-game time).

Unlike most management game where you just leave it to play. you have to keep watch on this game. because your main goal is to find, dig, and then sell the land deed as fast as possible as soon as soon as it runs out of oil. You also have to keep watch on the prices. as Left inc/ Right inc (aka sell to the company on the left or on the right) has different pricing. and you need to adjust on where to send your oil to get maximum profits, go back to town. find other lands. buy the deed. get to drilling. repeat.

the big goal here is to get the most money possible with 3-other computers racing against you

Explaining how the game works would be too long, thankfully the campaign provides excellent tutorial on how most things works. And the game goes deeper than just basic oil mining. there’s upgrades, land bidding, bribing, even the pipeline has to be adjusted manually.

It’s very addictive once you get the hang of it. And the active gameplay make sure you wont get bored. although sometimes it would feel a bit like a chore. management game enthusiast would absolutely love this game

The graphic is simple 2D, the artstyle is nice to look at, and the western guitar music is very calm and relaxing to listen to. It’s a simple, charming game with excellent depths to it.

The Switch version also includes The Heat is On DLC campaign that includes even further gameplay mechanics and features, and as far as i know. all the updates from the PC version. it’s an excellent, feature rich port.

This game easily earns an 8/10

PS: the OST for this game is seriously good.

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