War Tech Fighters


Mech fights! Space battle! Gundam! that was my expectation going into this game. and let me tell you… it did not disappoint. for the most part. simply put. War tech Fighters (the title that was so uninspiring i forgot it a couple times while writing this review and had to open my switch again). is the equivalent of a bootleg Michael Bay movie. why do i say bootleg? because Michael Bay movies actually have damn good CG. this game… isn’t. it is bland. and can be called pretty generic. and unlike other versions.

Switch version get the bad end of the stick. it doesn’t seem to retain any graphic or visual effects at all. making it looks more like a PS2 game. but the Framerate is smooth and stable. and the game looks really sharp even in handheld mode.

lets start with all the complaints i have with this game.

-The mechs looks like its made out of scrap metal, shitty 3d models slapped on top of each other, coming out of a playstation 2 game, and designed by a 3 year old. like some kind of weird old broken Legos slapped on top of each other. one of the option actually feels like a bunch of barrels/ cylinder battery slapped together in the shape of a mech.

-The controls on the main menu are not the most responsive. i had to press the button a couple times just to move from one screen to another. and the UI is pretty horrible.

-The music can just be nonexistent. it’s a generic action rock music. in fact. i played this game a couple times now and i cant recall what the music sounds like.

-The Story is.. well. nonexistent. somehow i don’t feel like there’s any effort put into the writing of the story. even the dialogue and cutscenes are bland. and the voiceover is flat.

-Any part of the gameplay that doesn’t involve battles are boring as hell.

-The loading screen takes a while in between missions and the menus.


And i mean that with a big B.U.T

(rambling starts here)

Just like Michael Bay’s movies. and probably the closest equivalent. Pacific Rim. this game is simply a guilty pleasure. it’s a damn fun space mech shooter. the Gameplay control are super responsive. the movements looks amazing despite the simple animations. there’s an execution system where you can one-shot a dying enemy to restore endurance. the animation is again. simple. but i cant help but scream in my head “AWESOME!” (you actually drop kick a fighter ship) every-time i do an execution move (or stab one like its an annoying fly). the aiming is deceptively simple with some kind of auto-tracking. (one of the mech supposedly has actual auto-aiming), the movements is fast and snappy. and you can do a burst of speed with boost to avoid enemy missiles. and unlike other vehicle shooter i play. i feel like a really precise badass even if im supposed to be horrible at this. it’s easy to master.

You start with the generic mech. as you finish the tutorial mission you can choose one of the three available option. fast one. balanced one. and the heavy giant one. i started with the fast one cause… well… its usually the coolest one. opinion my vary.

The missions are more of an arcade action gameplay. you go here. kill some enemies. go there. more enemies. more enemies. big enemy coming. go here. investigate there. more enemies. fight boss. mission ends. back to the ship. next mission. some of them has exploration and puzzle solving. which can be annoying. because precise control are never good in these kinds of games. looking for that one tiny dot and get close enough to align your camera so you can click on the thing is quite an effort. and only takes away from the times i can use to fight things instead. but there are quite a plenty of “find this, somehow move closer to that thing, align up and down til the thing is in the middle of the screen. then move forward and back til the X button works.

i am quite surprised when we reach the home base menu. and i’m presented with all kinds of menus and options. you can do more tutorial. training. and even challenge missions to learn more how the game works and to perfect your mech piloting skills. you can research bonuses and extra effects into your mech. from passive stat bonuses to unlock better. stronger parts.

But here’s when the game really shines. the upgrades

You can pretty much tear and modify your meds to make it truly unique. from the color scheme. texture patterns. and you can pretty much pick every different parts of your mechs. head. torso. arms. legs. shield. sword. every parts has different stats and effects to it. and every part has a better. upgraded version. from normal sword to an actual energy, plasma, or laser sword. axe, scythe. laser chainsword. from a simple head. a round head. a funny robot head. ranging from simple to actual big ass red glowing eyes. excuse my happy-childlike-rambling. but that’s what i feel like. a kid customizing and creating my own mech. and i can assure you. im horrible at this. my creation looks like a giant frankenstein monster. but the damn thing looks awesome. remember when i mentioned the mech looks like shitty 3d models glued on top of each other? its ugly. but somehow it works. it has no aesthetics. but somehow it looks damn cool because of it. just like the mechs we see in Pacific Rim or Real Steel. and as we all know. bigger cooler robot > stats. no? just me? okay. but STILL! at least the more upgrades you get. the better your mech will look.

Did i mention the combat? it’s so awesome i had to mention it twice. when you fight enemy mechs. you can get closer into some sort of dueling mode. where you can parry/ counter attack/ slash and do cool execution moves in a close quarter combat. when you fight the small ships. you have to maneuver around while shooting surprisingly precise aim at them before moving in closer for another execution finish. when you fight big ass mothership you have to maneuver around the barrage of enemy guns and rockets while dishing some rockets and cannons of your own. finding all the execution moves are surprisingly fun. and the different camera angles that happens every time ensures no two scenes are alike. even if you get the same animation

(rambling ends here)

all in all. if you’re looking for a top-notch story. narrative story. amazing graphics. and so forth. this game will seems disappointing. but i can assure you. the combat, gameplay and the mech upgrade system trumps all that. just like how you would still watch “Fast and Furious – Transformers 54 : this time its personal”. despite how every critic slams them. War Tech Fighters (war fighter tech? war techies fight? i swear i cant remember the bland title) gets a solid 7/10 from me.

now if you’ll excuse me… i’m going to grind for the archangel torso and a chain laser sword

PS: thanks to Blowfish Studios for the code. and check out their website at https://www.blowfishstudios.com/

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