Watermelon Party


Bigosaur giving us again those cute little characters to play with from their game Quest of the Golden Duck! Watermelon Party is a puzzle game for 2 to 4 players, it can’t be played alone and has no online multiplayer so if you got no one to play this with…

The goal is to collect every watermelon slice, lead your character by paving a path with the tiles the game gives you at random. If you make a mistake that purple bomb will destroy it and you can rebuild a new one. The difficulty is very well done, each player can set their own difficulty at the start of the level making it very enjoyable for all ages.

The music is also very enjoyable. Overall a perfect little game to enjoy with your friends and family!

Big thanks to Milan Babuškov for making this review possible! Check out more bigosaur games here https://bigosaur.com/, Son of a Witch is an awesome game they have if you haven’t seen it yet!

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