Windmill Kings

User Rating: 5.5

In a botched experiment by the Kings wizard regarding increasing grain for windmills . Our poor king is faced with a sudden and unreversable dilemma. Split into two and cast out of his kingdom. You play the Red King, who must now rebuild his army once again and reclaim his kingdom back from his Blue King self..

Players are taken through a map consisting of little areas guarded by a variety of troop types including archers, mages, knights, ninjas, soldiers etc. Each area is a game where victory will gain you that particular troop type, making progression an opportunity to build up your army and advance to the end of the map. This will allow you to finally reach the blue castle, and storm it in order to once again, reclaim your throne.

The game is literally Tower Defence. Where you will amass gold coin and release certain troop types to march forward and engage against your opponents troops, where attacking and destroying the Kings tower gains victory. As you progress, through the game you will have more variety of troops. The ability to build barracks and towers for certain troop types and a list of temporary spells like meteor storm, earthquake and frost,gaining you a slight advantage in battle. Of course, your opponent can do pretty much the same thing, requiring strategy and planning to gain the upper hand in battle and taking the enemy tower each time.

Visually, everything is quite detailed, small and yet pleasing to the eye. There is a tune in the background throughout, accompanied by various crunching sound effects in battle and the odd sheep bleat on the main map! Gameplay is the standard tower defence format and is competent, yet with each battle can come across as slightly shallow and linear. Map progress and building your army is quite addictive and engaging, yet sadly in around 30 minutes, players can reach the blue castle and finish the game!

In summary, what we get here is pretty good fun. Easy and normal difficulty levels will give players a couple of run-throughs at least. There is a 2 player multiplayer with friends for a bit more longevity and the overall experience guarantees some enjoyment. Just at the expense of a very short game in general.

Thanks to Bigosaur for the code.

The game works well in all aspects of gameplay. Yet the game is so short it feels like you're playing a demo. Opportunities missed.
  • Decent tower defence game
  • It's way too short
Graphics - 6
Sound - 6
Gameplay - 5.5
Value - 4.5
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