Meet the Team!

Jim Novak

I’m so proud to be a founding member of the Handheld Gaming Community! I’ve been playing handhelds since 5th grade, when the original Gameboy entered into my life. Since then, I’ve owned just about every handheld system there is at some point. When I’m not playing games, I’m directing middle school bands, spending time with my wife and two children, composing and arranging music, and performing as a freelance musician. Favorite Handhelds: Playstation Vita and Nintendo Switch. Favorite Genre: RPG, particularly those from Square Enix and Level 5.

Andre Xast

Been playing games since Atari. And don’t have any plan to stop anytime soon. Been in the HGC since the early days and proud.

Ezz Khattab

I came here to play games and eat pizza, and I’m all out of pizza. I like all game genres but early 90’s shooters like DOOM hold a special place in my heart. Oh, and Vita means life.

Joel Thoman

My interest in handheld gaming started when I was in high school.   I was obsessed with getting a Game Gear.   I was so excited to have a relatively high quality gaming experience (for the time) with me wherever I went!   As I became an adult, handheld gaming always maintained an important part in my life.   I was thrilled to take my handheld gaming to the next level when I got a Playstation Vita, and later a Nintendo Switch.   My go-to genres are arcade racers, and RPGs.   While I don’t really like games like Minecraft, the Dragon Quest Builders series compelled me so much.   I spent over 200 hours between the two entries.

Michael Acosta

Growing up in the 90s, Gameboys and Pokemon pretty much made up my childhood! Gaming into my high school years, taking a hiatus in college, and recently returning to the scene has been my path back to this world that I greatly enjoy. I love seeing and discovering the art found in video games, recognizing it to be a unique medium to share story, music, and creativity. I’m always drawn to the story driven RPG/strategy game, though I have a soft spot for shooters and action/adventure as well (Metroid holds a special place!). Favorite handhelds are my OLED Switch, the Playstation Vita, and the classic Game Boy Advance.

Adam Crawford-Speakman

Gamer Geek and proud, I have been gaming on various platforms since I was 9 years old, starting with my Gameboy original around 22 years ago. Handheld gaming has always had a place in my heart. Side scrollers and strategy games have always been my thing.

Devon Edward

2022 marks twenty-five years of handheld gaming for me. My life changed when my parents bought me an Atomic Purple Game Boy (a Game Boy that still sits proudly at the head of my collection, right next to my custom Atomic Purple Nintendo Switch Joy Cons). Since then, my love for handheld gaming has never abated, my collection has never stopped growing, and I have never stopped bringing my 3DS to parties. My next goal is to be one of those people who film concerts on their 3DS…

When I’m not gaming, you can find me working-out/boxing, teaching high school, or drinking local coffee.

Favorite Handheld System: Nintendo 3DS
Favorite Handheld Games: Pokemon Black and Mario Kart

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