Steam Deck

Tomtoc Slim Protective Case for the ROG Ally

PC gaming handhelds are taking the market by storm. The Steam Deck, ROG Ally, Lenovo Legion Go, and now MSI’s Claw are a few of the most popular players in the scene. These devices are powerful ...

9.8 Amazing

Tomtoc Arccos-G47 Travel Bag Review

Introducing the Tomtoc Arccos-G47 Carrying Case, a perfect blend of style and substance designed to cater to a wide audience. This bag truly is a universal tech case, accommodating your Steam Deck, RO...

8.5 Great

RimWorld: A Sci-Fi Colony Sim Masterpiece

RimWorld is crafted by Ludeon Studios, and the mastermind behind it is Tynan Sylvester. This indie company really shows what a small but passionate team can do with enough dedication and attention to ...

9.4 Amazing

Final Fantasy XIII-2

Anyone familiar with the term RPG or role-playing game knows about Final Fantasy, there is no way to not relate both terms. This saga is one of the major and iconic series in the industry for more tha...

8.3 Great

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