Oaken Title


Introduction Oaken is a turned based tactics card game developed by Laki Studios.  It was published by Goblinz Publishing, and Surefire Games.   Oaken was released on July 20, 2023, on Steam.  You can...

8.3 Great
Landnama Title


Introduction Landnama is a game for Steam developed by Sonderland Games.  Sonderland Games is a small team of three people.  You can purchase Landnama on the Steam storefront for $13.99. Ove...

8.6 Great

Super Space Club

Amidst the realm of intricate and captivating gaming adventures, stumbling upon a game that takes us back to the sheer delight and simplicity of the arcade era feels like a breath of fresh air. Allow ...

9.2 Amazing

Monochrome Mobious Rights and Wrongs Forgotten

The 20th anniversary of Utawarerumono saga was 2022, Aquaplus as its developer and to commemorate it brings Monochrome Mobious Rights and Wrongs Forgotten, localized in Europe and America by NIS AMERI...

8.9 Great

Waterfield Steam Deck Magnetic Case

Handheld gaming offers a unique experience that console gaming can’t quite replicate. It provides players with a stronger sense of ownership, intimacy, and flexibility. Whether I’m out run...

9.6 Amazing

Chaos Galaxy Review

Introducing Chaos Galaxy, a wonderfully engaging turn-based pixel-art tactics game created by the gifted solo developer, Han Zhiyu. This game beckons players to step into the captivating realm of a ga...

8 Great
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