Developed by “One Guy Games” and published to the switch by The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild this little neon colored game promises you to have a fun time playing it and with both Challenge and Arcade Mode, you are easily entertained for a long time for all “Shoot ’em up” fans.


There is enough variety within each mode the game offers, the objective never felt repetitive to me and some of them were quite original. The video below shows you one of them and they are not all the same.

There is a ranking system for each level in Challenge mode and in Arcade mode. You don’t need switch online service or an internet connection to play but is recommended you are connected to the internet.

For me, Arcade Mode is where I really had the most fun. You can choose between 6 other modes with an arena type of area and if you prefer a more open space as well. There is also one that has a wrecking ball to “smash ’em up”, it’s glorious!

I love this song!

In the arcade mode there is also a few unlockables for you to purchase, the time spent to unlock them was less than an hour for me so they aren’t hard to unlock but I think having the abilities from the start and then only pay to upgrade them wouldn’t be a bad idea either.


You got a few sets of controls made especially for left handed players but you can’t map your own keys. A key to change the music is a great adition, you never feel tired of that one song playing all the time.

Back in the good old days of the PSP there was this one shooter that I adored named “Super Stardust”. When I first played “#Funtime” it felt so similiar with also having a color swapping mechanic that got me even more hyped for this game and in my opinion is where the game fails at making it fun.

To change the color of your ship, you have to either stop shooting or moving and since there’s a key per color it even makes it worse. I had many times like this: “Where is the color I need?! I’m gona die without it!”. Some might end up just ignoring it all together for how much it slows you down in arcade mode which is a real shame because it is a cool mechanic to play with.

And going back to “Super Stardust” that uses the R and L buttons for the color mechanic and feels so great with play with, using the ZL and ZR keys for the color swapping in “#Funtime” would give a more fluid experience to everyone both new and old players.


Upbeat tunes that make you want to dance around so it is good for the theme and genre of the game that only adds to the action!


The neon colors everywhere, the happy music, all of the fireworks and such variety and numbers of levels really make up for a cool and fun gameplay experience with lots of hours to dig into it so I must recommend this one for every “shoot ’em up” fan.

Thank you to the developer “One Guy Games” and publisher The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild for giving us a chance to make this review.







Replay value



  • Online ranking sytem
  • Over 50 levels
  • 8 modes to play with

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