Super Dragonfly Chronicles

User Rating: 4.6

Play as Mark West in his journey to find the truth behind his father´s death and a strange alien armor left for him. Mark is then sent to various areas to destroy virtually anything that moves in a quest for answers…

What’s clear on sight,is that Super Dragonfly Chronicles is influenced by a lot of the old retro titles.With a very slick presentation and style and wonderful retro music throughout. There’s also plenty of extras to unlock,such as concept art and boss rush mode,granting plenty of extra gameplay,once you finish the campaign. 

It’s a good start and on first mission,everything is colourful and detailed and optimism is high.

That is until you move! 

Mark begins to run and jump over obstacles,onto platforms and can punch enemies,with the R trigger cycling through 3 versions of his special armour enabling extra attacks and healing. Various canisters can also be hit for body and armour energy and enemies can range from ground parasites,spiders and humanoids with some carrying blaster weapons.Of course,this would be acceptable as a basic list of moves until you found something better later on,but the whole thing is destroyed by dodgy controls and the punch attack not connecting with enemies/ objects. You see,unless you’re a certain distance away to “connect”,you won’t hit anything.So plenty of time is aimlessly positioning yourself to hit something.Whilst multiple enemies hit back with no issue,and oh yes,it knocks you back.Sometimes down to your death,in what could be a vicious loop and as it’s retro..begin again at the start of the level.

It may be that the levels are large and full of activity,but literally held to ransom on the control front,and with save points so massively spread out. Enthusiasm and patience wears out very quickly,which is a shame overall.

Sad,when there’s clearly been time and effort put into this title and it’s fallen down on the basics and gameplay.

Not recommended 

Thanks to Marco Ayala Games for the code.

What a disaster. It starts up so well and looks decent. Unfortunately it all goes downhill from there. Poor controls and flimsy combat proves that this game is drastically undeveloped and unfinished. Avoid ! Even if its on sale for Free!
  • Looks nice
  • Decent presentation
  • Controls are completely broken
  • You cant just look but you have to play it!
  • Combat is poor
Graphics - 6.5
Sound - 6
Controls - 3
Gameplay - 3.5
Value - 4
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Spent over 40 years gaming and played plenty of titles over plenty of platforms. Handheld consoles seemed a natural progression with their portability and ease of use, and with technology forever advancing. It’s now great to play titles I used to play all those years ago…on the go! Switch and Vita are my two main favourites and any title with dark themes ..RPGs, first person or rogue-like my main interest…

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