Aer Tech 13″ Folio Review

Elevate your gaming journey with the Aer Tech Folio 13! It's the ultimate solution for today's mobile gamers, offering style, durability, and functionality in one sleek package. Crafted with 1680D Cordura Ballistic Nylon and reinforced corners, this case ensures your gaming gear stays safe during travel and daily adventures. With padded handles, ample storage, and smart organization, the Folio 13 makes carrying your essentials a breeze. Despite minor limitations, its versatility and premium design shine through, making it a must-have for gamers on the go.
  • Exceptionally well-built
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Well designed
  • Holds a TON of tech
  • Gets bulky
  • No shoulder strap option
Build Quality - 10
Function - 8
Style - 9
Value - 8

In today’s gaming world, where gaming is more flexible and portable, having the right accessory to keep your gear safe and organized is really important, especially for gamers who are often on the move. With PC and iOS gaming becoming more popular, laptops and iPads have become really important for players who want to play games anywhere without losing out on quality. Just like you wouldn’t leave your Steam Deck unprotected, it’s essential to keep your laptop safe when you’re traveling, especially if you use it for work and gaming. That’s where the Aer Tech Folio 13 comes in. It’s a stylish and strong case made specifically for today’s productivity and gaming laptops.


The cornerstone of any gaming accessory lies in its durability, and the Aer Tech Folio 13 excels in this aspect. Constructed with 1680D Cordura Ballistic Nylon on the exterior and a thinner nylon lining on the interior, this case epitomizes resilience against the rigors of travel and daily use. Reinforced corners and sturdy zippers further fortify the case, guaranteeing that your gaming laptop and accessories remain safeguarded regardless of the challenges encountered during your adventures. Meticulously finished webbing and a soft-feeling laptop area contribute to the premium feel of the Aer Tech Folio 13, ensuring a blend of durability and sophistication.


The Aer Tech Folio boasts several functional features designed to enhance your carrying experience. Positioned at the top is a padded handle, crafted for comfortable carrying. It resembles the nylon handles commonly found on bags, but Aer has incorporated padding to ensure a more ergonomic grip. What sets this handle apart is its placement at the back, allowing it to double as a luggage pass-through, making navigating airports with the Tech Folio a breeze, eliminating the need to cram it inside your suitcase.

Due to its one-sided positioning, the handle may feel slightly unbalanced, but the slanted stitching on the fabric helps counterbalance this effect. Carrying the Tech Folio using this handle proves convenient and became my preferred method during testing.

For users seeking a more conventional and balanced carrying option, the Tech Folio features a bottom handle. This handle, simpler in design, consists of flat nylon webbing. It serves as both a handle and allows you to slip your hand in for a clutch-style carry. While I typically opt for clutch-style carrying with simpler laptop sleeves, the Tech Folio’s well-padded dedicated top handle remains my preferred choice in most scenarios.

While carrying the Tech Folio by the handle was satisfactory, I couldn’t help but explore its potential as a messenger bag. Unfortunately, the absence of D-rings or similar mounting points at the edges prevents attachment of a strap. Given its diagonal size of slightly over 13 inches and generous internal organization, the Tech Folio shows promise as a messenger bag. Incorporating additional D-rings would offer added flexibility, enhancing its versatility as a travel companion.

Storage Capacity:

The standout feature of the Aer Tech Folio lies in its impressive storage versatility. Capable of accommodating a myriad of tech essentials, including laptops, tablets, mice, chargers, and accessories, the Folio offers ample room for on-the-go gaming setups. From MacBook Airs to iPads Pro and a plethora of peripherals, the Folio’s storage capacity surpasses expectations, ensuring that gamers can carry their entire arsenal with ease. Despite limitations in organizational features, the Folio provides sufficient space for essentials, making it a reliable companion for gamers seeking mobility without compromise.


Exuding the quintessential Aer vibe of solidity and sophistication, the Tech Folio blends sleek design with undeniable quality. Featuring an understated all-black color scheme and minimal branding, the Folio strikes a tasteful balance between elegance and functionality. Crafted from Aer’s signature 1680D CORDURA Nylon, it radiates durability and resilience, with chunky YKK zippers enhancing the tactile experience. The Folio’s polished appearance, coupled with user-driven refinements like quieter pulls, underscores Aer’s commitment to delivering premium gaming accessories.

Interior Organization:

Inside the Tech Folio, you’ll find a wide zippered pocket right at the front, designed for easy access to your everyday essentials. What’s interesting is that the pocket is positioned on the right side of the bag, a detail I discovered during testing to prevent accidental spills when opening it. It offers a decent amount of space, covering roughly half of the Tech Folio’s surface area.

Accessing this pocket is relatively straightforward, thanks to its wide opening, although it can feel a bit tight if the main compartment is packed too full. To prevent any bulging or discomfort, I preferred storing slim items like wireless earphone cases, packs of wet wipes, thin eyeglasses cases, or small field notebooks here.

Moving to the front compartment, I must commend Aer for their excellent design work. The accessibility here is exceptional, with zippers that extend halfway down the sides, providing a clear view of all the items stored inside the pockets, which are numerous.

The organization in this compartment is impressive, offering a variety of pocket types and sizes. On the right side, there’s a wide and stretchy mesh pocket that accommodates bulky items like my laptop’s charger alongside a wireless mouse with a built-in trackball—both substantial items. Behind this mesh pocket, there’s a zippered one that adds extra security for important items like passports, cash, or receipts. On the left side, you’ll find liner pockets including two pen holders and a wider slot perfect for cables and dongles.

Completing the front compartment is a tablet/document sleeve at the rear, capable of accommodating even large tablets without any issues. Overall, the Tech Folio provides ample space for laptop accessories and even some additional items.

Lastly, the laptop compartment is neatly padded on all sides, ensuring reliable protection for devices of various sizes. While there’s no false bottom, I did notice a thoughtful design feature in its place during my evaluation.

Final Thoughts

The Aer Tech Folio 13 stands out as a robust, functional, and stylish solution designed for gamers prioritizing mobility without sacrificing performance. While it has some limitations, its durability, storage capacity, and interior organization make it a worthwhile choice for gamers on the go. Like any product, there’s always room for improvement, and gathering user feedback can help enhance its capabilities. With its combination of durability, functionality, and style, the Aer Tech Folio 13 underscores Aer’s dedication to providing premium gaming accessories that cater to the demands of contemporary gamers. If you’re interested in this or any of Aer’s other storage solutions, I’d highly encourage you to check out their website.

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